My Writing Projects

I'm not very good at focusing on one thing at a time, nor can I seem to stick with one project long enough to polish it. But I'm trying! Here are some of my current works in progress.

(middle-grade fantasy)

Pruning lavender is important in keeping a lavender plant producing the type of fragrant foliage that most gardeners grow the plant for. If you are wondering how and when to prune lavender, this article can help.: Jill Barklem - Brambly Hedge: Maison Garfield Dollhouse. This would have been my dream dollhouse when I was little!!!:
Pep: Shadow cat: Paris, Prada, Pearls, Perfume:

Lillian has grown up firmly rooted in the (very much mistaken) belief that she is a mouse. But then she crosses paths with a mischievous band of wood elves and a rival kingdom of fairies who challenge the way she thinks about herself - and threaten the only life she's ever known.

The Pearl and the Horn
(young adult fantasy)

The Wildlands of Norsia: Ellen: The Horn of Roland. Time Present and Time Past: The Song of Roland - The Making of a Medieval Myth.:
The battle between the Dragonites and the Twin Kingdoms: Vollapax: Rosalie's ship:

When her family and her life is torn apart by sickness, war, and a cowardly guardian, Ellen runs into the wilderness in a wild effort to save her brother and bring some semblance of wholeness back to her life. But instead of the freedom she craves, she finds a world boiling over with turmoil and threatened by barbarian invasion. Should she escape while she can, or join a group of new and desperate friends in a search for the lost prince?

The Time-Traveling League
(middle-grade fantasy)

Have ice cream in the freezer just in case you want to whip up a few ice cream sundaes <3 Chocolate, strawberry, carmel syrups, whipped cream, nuts, a couple bananas? Make banana splits!: Kurt Wolff (biplanes, airplanes, flying, sky, fields): 1. This Civil War uniform was worn by the Union infantry. Mass-production of men's clothing began due to the Civil War and the use of machines to create the uniforms. {American Civil War - Union Infantry Uniform}:
Her keel was laid down 21 November 1939, by Blohm + Voss in Hamburg as 'werk'…: Girls, Soda Pop and Rollerskates, 1950s: I remember opening and closing our barbed-wire fences like that on our Hobart/Maple Valley, WA  20 acre farm back in 1969. Forced Entry ~ Jack Sorenson:

Imaginative as she is, Alice Mulligan has never dreamed of a time portal under the gazebo. But after a little boy who claims to have run away from a Western ranch shows up in the ice cream parlor, strange things start to happen. Alice and her little sister Jeanie soon find themselves zipping in and out of history, making friends with WWI pilots and Civil War era belles, and risking their lives to keep a medieval villain from taking control of time.

(All images are taken from Pinterest.)


  1. Wow!!!!!!! Can't wait to read some of these!!!! I do wish you had more of that time-traveling one.... Brilliant notion, though, wish I'd thought of it. :)

    1. I'm glad they interest you, Isi! I think I'm doing The Time-Traveling League for National Novel Writing Month in November (if I can man up and DO NaNoWriMo this year). So maybe soon! :)

    2. I wish I could do nanowrimo, but I have no idea how, so I can't! :P

    3. Neither do I. :P Actually that's not strictly true; I do know a little about it. The idea is to make time that month to write 50,000 words (I think it's 50,000, but I'm not sure - a novel-sized first draft). There's also some kind of online component, but I know less about that. I did CampNaNo in April, which is like NaNoWriMo except you can set your own word count goal instead of having to write 50,000 words (I barely made my goal of 30,000). I was in a 3-person online "cabin" for that. It was fun and forced me to finish my first draft of Ellen.

    4. Maybe I will! With my new story idea!