In 1917, Our Lady appeared to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal. The message she gave them was urgent and incredibly relevant for today: pray very much and make sacrifices that this sinful world may be restored to God. 

Fatima Portugal where the Virgin Mary appeared to Lucia, Jacinta, and Franciso. Three peasant children tending to the sheep.:

Tangle Webs and Fairy Rings is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the apparitions with frequent Fatima posts. This page will act as the "Fatima Center" of the blog. Check back now and again for newly listed Fatima websites, articles, and books.

Fatima Websites and Articles:

Fatima Network -- clicking on the tab "Why Fatima" is a good place to start

America Needs Fatima -- homepage of a wonderful organization dedicated to spreading the Fatima message

100th Anniversary of Fatima -- EWTN's celebration of the centennial

Ten Forgotten Facts About Fatima -- America Needs Fatima article 

Fatima Books:

The Children of Fatima, by Mary Fabyan Windeatt -- a somewhat fictionalized but highly informative account of the Fatima apparitions for children

Fatima: A Message More Urgent than Ever, by Luiz Sergio Solimeo -- covers the story of Fatima in a detailed but succinct 136 pages, complete with passages from Lucia's writings and historic photographs

A Great Little Story: Francisco of Fatima, by Fr. Fernando Leite, S. J. -- a beautiful biography of Francisco Marto; 38 pages with lovely illustrations

Jacinta's Story, by Andrea F. Phillips -- a biography of Jacinta (I've not read it, but it's mentioned in the introduction to Francisco of Fatima and sounds delightful)


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