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Summer Hiatus

Hello everyone!

It has come to my attention that summer is short and there is not enough time to do everything there is to do. Therefore, I am going on hiatus.

...There is a chance that this will be, not a complete absence of blogging, but rather blogging at a verrrrry sloooooow pace. As in, posts once or twice a month. Maybe. Of course I might decide to pick up again at any time.

And then, there is the very sad possibility that, with college looming in the fall, this hiatus might last forever. (Although I certainly hope that isn't the case.)

Regarding Fatima posts, I really hate the idea of discontinuing them, but! if anyone is interested in learning more about Fatima, the "Fatima" tab above has several links to some really great websites that explain the apparitions and the message much better than I ever could. So I encourage you to go check those out. :)

So au revoir, my friends!

Give Me a Hero!

Dear Writer Within Me:

Give me a hero!

You've been shying away from heroism, writer within. You've been mesmerized by the concept that every character should be flawed. You've been fascinated by anti-heroes and morally gray protagonists. And you've begun to forget how dreadfully important the good characters are.

Don't be alarmed; I still want my wandering characters, my struggling souls, my sinners in need of conversion. Keep the traumatized drunkard, the quick-tempered outlaw, the dashing revolutionist.

But don't be afraid of making some characters perfect. In each and every story, give me at least one out-and-out hero.

Before you rebel, O well-trained writer's mind, let me explain what I mean by "perfect." I don't want you to write cardboard cut-outs who find it easier to be good than to breathe. Spare me the goody-goody character who sails through life without ever knowing the winds of temptation! By all means, send trial after trial his w…

The Mayly Book Report

Get it? The Mayly book report? Instead of the daily book report? Get it?

Oh never mind, I'm a goose.

Well! The first half of May was filled with the last days of school, and the second half with theater camp and a weekend of rehearsals. (Our Town was so much fun! and the play itself is so interesting it gave me several ideas for blog posts, although whether or not I'll ever get around to writing those remains to be seen.)
I did manage to finish several books in May, though. Here they are.
The Fellowship of the Ring, by J. R. R. Tolkien

This was the last book we studied in my high school literature class. *sobs softly* I loved that class so much. It was really interesting taking a look at such a well-beloved book in a studious setting.
I've decided that The Lord of the Rings is my favorite book. It's just so--so epic, in the best sense of the word. It's so big and deep and well-rounded and rich that you can bury yourself in it for weeks.
My favorite character, o…