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Beautiful People Parents Edition: Dar

Eep! Beautiful People (hosted by Cait and Sky) is back! I haven't done one of these in way too long... That is, I was absent from blogging in February and there was no BP in April. So I guess it wasn't that long.

But anyway! I've been forgetting how much I love these, so I'd better hop back to it.

I usually agonize over which character I should feature for BP, I was copying the questions it struck me that it'd be really fun to answer these for Dar, the protagonist from my space opera tentatively entitled One of the Rabble (that title, as the word "tentatively" suggests, will most probably if you have suggestions, I'm more than glad to hear them!).

Overall, how good is his relationship with his parents?

Um. Not good. Not good at all. In fact, his relationship with his parents doesn't really exist at this point (the beginning of the novelette).

Does he know both his biological parents? If not, how does he cope with this loss/ab…

The Hobbit Tag

To my delight, I have been tagged for The Hobbit Tag by Kate @ Story and Dark Chocolate. Thanks so much, Kate! I am muchly looking forward to this. Especially since I'm rereading The Lord of the Rings right now.

Which hobbit do you relate to most: practical Merry, lighthearted Pippin, loyal Sam, courageous Frodo, or impulsive Bilbo?
Well, Sam is definitely my favorite. I can relate to his love of poetry, and interest in beautiful things like Elves and magnificent things like adventures, and his loyalty and affection and tendency to burst into tears.

But then I also have an extremely large streak of Pippin in me. *grins* Pippin's the character I got when I took a Lord of the Rings character quiz. I'm certainly silly and lighthearted and a little clueless like he is. And I feel for him, oh do I feel for him, at that point in the Prancing Pony and the following chapters where he's trying to prove to Aragorn that he's not a softy and kind of failing. Dear Pippin. So if…

Francisco and Jacinta

Friends, I have a perfectly pathetic failure to confess, and you are going to sit down and listen to my pity party if it kills you.

(Just kidding. Feel free to go read something else if you like. Or scroll down past the pity party and get to the real meat of the post.)

So, a cousin of mine made her First Communion today. Her parish is a really beautiful, old-fashioned little place. So I began the day by sitting there in church admiring the stained glass windows, and the First Communicant's white dresses, and the morning light on the wooden pews...when the priest began his homily.

And I was complacently listening with my hands in my lap when the priest says words to the effect of, "Yesterday we celebrated the one hundredth anniversary of Fatima..."

And my jaw dropped. And I stared at the priest. And the gears in my brain started whizzing, and I started thinking "May 13. May 13. Yesterday was May 13. And I didn't even think of it because I was at that other First…

Evil Writer's Award

I have been tagged for the Evil Writer's Award by Hope @ The Reader Addict. And...I'm not sure whether to be honored or insulted, actually...

Just kidding. Of course I'm delighted and flattered that in spite of the fact that I write middle grade fairy tales and have a blog entitled "Tangle Webs and Fairy Rings," Hope deems me worthy of receiving this award. I thank thee, Hope.

But I can't give Hope as much credit as Kate @ Story and Dark Chocolate, because she is the creator of this award and the rules say I have to give her all credit. See?
The Rules:
• Give all credit to the Evil Overlord and genius, Kate, for creating this award.
• Give a smaller amount of credit to the Evil Writer who tagged you (which means fall on your hands and knees and thank me for nominating you).• Tag at least two people.And now on to the questions! It's high time to find out whether I deserve this award or not.

How many characters do you typically kill per book? And how many peop…

The Books of March and April

Well! I meant to post this at least a week ago, but haven't gotten around to it until now. I don't suppose the world would stop spinning if I neglected to tell it what books I read in March and April...but I like to talk about books, so I shall proceed to post this anyway. :)
All images have been snagged from Pinterest.
March's Books
Cinder, by Marissa Meyer

This was entirely new territory for me. I...don't think I'd ever read a modern YA book. Ever. But several dear friends had been raving about the Lunar Chronicles, and I trusted them when they said I'd like them, and it seemed I should read futuristic YA if that was the genre my space opera fit into, so...I took the plunge.
And I loved it. I couldn't put it down, and read every spare moment until I had reached the last page. The characters and plot were awesome; the pacing was tight; the writing was flawless. What  impressed me most of all was the world-building. It was remarkable. Cyborgs and hovers and…