Hiatus Announcement and February's Jumble of Books

Hiya, everyone! Okay, so. This post is going to be doing double-duty.

First of all, I have impulsively decided to take a blogging hiatus from now until at least Easter. Beginning tomorrow, I will disappear entirely from the blogging world. Which means I shan't be able to enjoy anyone's lovely posts or reply to comments or anything! Fatima posts are included in this hiatus, sadly. (If someone wants to adopt that feature for her own blog while I'm gone, feel free!)

But it's okay, I'll be back. 

The end of all 3 movies. I think i'll always love chronicles of Narnia.:

Hahahahaha, that got sappy fast. On to the next thing! Thankfully for the length of this post, I didn't read as many books in February as I did in January. Here are the four I finished:

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens

i love A Christmas Carol in every form ... books, plays, Muppets, Patrick Stewart, George C. Scott.  Never can get enough of it at Christmastime!:

I'd read this at least once before, and read it again at the beginning of the month for school. I don't feel qualified to say much about it in review. It speaks for itself. It's a rare book that makes me both cry real tears and laugh aloud, and this book did both.

Our Town, by Thornton Wilder

Read through in February for the play! I can't wait to play Mrs. Gibbs!:

I'm going to be in a production of this in May, so I read this through with the rest of the cast. It's a lovely piece...very sweet, and simple, and sad....and it kind of reminds me of It's a Wonderful Life, but in reverse, if that makes sense. I'm quite looking forward to putting it on.

The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien

The Hobbit! I'd forgotten so much of it, and it was better than I remembered. Finished in February; favorite character, Bilbo. (I loved Gandalf, too, and Thorin was interesting, but you've got to go with Bilbo.):

This wasn't the first time I'd read The Hobbit...but I'd forgotten so much of it that I almost felt it was at times. Oh, it was splendid! Bilbo is such a dear little protagonist. I love how he's always thinking about his hobbit hole. Despite his timidity and frequent bungling, he's really a heroic character. I'm writing a paper about this book right now. (And it's due tomorrow! Aggh! What am I doing blogging??)

The Robe, by Lloyd C. Douglas

Although I had some mixed feelings about this one, overall I loved it. Demetrius was far and away my favorite characters! Finished in February.:

A dear sweet friend of mine has been begging me to read this for ages, and delightfully surprised me at the beginning of this month by actually presenting me with a copy. (There should be some kind of proverb out there about the friends who give you books being worth more than gold.) Of course it was top priority for February reading!

It's a very interesting piece of historical fiction about the soldier who won Christ's robe at the crucifixion, and his subsequent search to find out who Jesus really was. I did have some theological bones to peck with it... Lloyd Douglas didn't seem to have many qualms about tweaking the Gospel's accounts of events. For example, he had Jesus appear at Thomas' side the moment he said "I will not believe until I have touched his wounds," rather than having Him appear a week later as Scripture says He did. Things like that. I also felt he didn't portray Jesus very well...almost like He'd come to give the world a set of rules that would build it into a perfect society eventually, not first and foremost to shed His blood to save us and institute a Church that would act as the fountain of His grace for all men. The focus just struck me as off. I don't think it would be a big problem for those well-grounded in the faith, but I'm afraid it might give the wrong impression to others.

That said, it was a very enjoyable read. The characters in particular were delicious. My favorite was definitely Demetrius, the main character's Greek slave. He was so loyal! So noble! So admirable! Absolutely a Sam Gamgee character! The sacrifices he made for Marcellus... *sighs* Let's just say I made some rather undignified squeaky noises over Demetrius.

And while I might have looked down my nose at the portrayals of Jesus and his disciples (am I the only one who finds it hard to believe the Apostle Bartholomew was a tottering old man who could barely walk? you can't go to the ends of the earth and spread the good news if you can hardly walk, can you??), I loved getting a look at the inside of the Roman court. Tiberius, Gaius, Julia, and Caligula will never be mere names to me again. They were so slimy! Surrounded by intrigues and deception and overindulgence! *shudders* And oh, I appreciated the portrayal of Peter as a leader.

I was hoping I would be able to make time for participating in the Penning Tournament, hosted this past time by Belle Anne @ Worlds of Ink and Paper...but alas! What with school and essays and stuff, it looks as though I'll have to lose that delightful challenge. :( If by some miracle I manage to complete it before midnight tonight, I might do a victory post after all? But that may be wishful thinking. :)

Farewell, friends! I leave to go on hiatus! If I show my nose before Easter, you may click your tongue at me and tell me to shoo. :) 


  1. What a lovely jumble of books! I have some of these also on my list. Haha, The Robe is on my list to read, and I just read The Hobbit. :P ;)
    Oh, bye! I suppose the Penning Tournament will have to wait then... I will announce updates today, and say it will be on hiatus, I suppose? How would that be, Lucy?


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