Daily Sacrifices

I'm in a hurry at the moment, so today's "Fatima post" will be much more like a "Fatima thought." :)

So, a big element of the Fatima Message is "sacrifice." It's kind of what jumps out at you when you read about the lives of the three little Fatima seers, especially Jacinta and Francisco. These little children suffered so much, so cheerfully, for love of God. Every time they saw an opportunity to make a sacrifice, they took it, whether it meant giving up their lunch of their own accord or suffering patiently through the agony of influenza.

We might look at these three heroic children and think, "Gee, I can never make sacrifices like they did." And maybe we never can, in which case God will never give us any trial as big as theirs.

But just because we might not be called to such huge sacrifices as the Fatima children were doesn't mean we shouldn't make sacrifices. After all, Mary and Jesus have asked it of us!

I suspect that half the battle, when it comes to making sacrifices, is thinking of making sacrifices. We all have troubles and trials in our lives, some big and some small. But how often do we think of offering these hardships up to Jesus?

I can't wait for the day when Jesus holds me like the precious jewel he had always thought me be!:

It doesn't matter if the sacrifice is something small and insignificant like a troublesome math problem, something odd and unromantic like annoying athlete's foot, or something big and vague and stressful like college applications. Jesus wants it all.

So this week, my Fatima friends, let's make an effort to offer it to Him.


  1. Nice! And believe me, I know about the hurrying. I was supposed to go out of town today and didn't even start packing until this morning, and so was in a rather immense scurrying. :P

    1. Time just slips by so fast, doesn't it? :)


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