Character Interview! Introducing Pep

Hullo, dear people! I've some pretty exciting news for you today. I'm teaming up with the marvelous Anna Deubell @ A Light From the Shadows in a interview-our-characters-on-each-other's-blogs-thingy. (And that.....was a brilliant way of putting it. That's the official term for this activity now, okay, Anna?)

Basically, Anna's character Carmen is going to interview my character Pep on her blog, and my character Lillian is going to interview her character Chase here at Tanglewebs and Fairy Rings.

At least, I think that's how it works.

Anyway! Before we can host the interviews, we have to have interview questions. And that, of course, is where you come in.

Here's Pep's bio. If you want to read more about her, I did a Beautiful People post on her in September. Ask her as many questions as you like, and we'll get ready to get this interview thingy started!



Pep is a fairy princess -- or rather, the Fairy Princess. As such, she lives with the Fairy Queen in the moss-covered little tree that is the fairy castle. Sometimes it's hard for her to live up to the prim and proper standards of fairy royalty, but she loves the Fairy Queen dearly and tries her best to be a model princess. 

Still....quite often, her fiery, impetuous personality gets the better of her.

Of all things that get under Pep's skin, the Turvies are the worst. She can't bear their rowdy ways or their jeering attitude towards the Fairy Queen. And Pep isn't afraid to punch the Turvy Prince in the nose when she finds him picking on Lillian. That's how the two of them meet.

It's easy to make friends with someone who saves you from the Turvies, so Lillian and Pep get along pretty first. But when she realizes that Lillian believes herself to be a mouse, Pep decides it's her duty to convince her new friend of the truth. And Lillian doesn't want to be convinced; she just wants to be left alone. 

There we go! Do you have any questions for Pep? Fire away! She's a fairly talkative little creature and will be happy to answer pretty much anything. :) And be sure to hop over to Anna's blog to interrogate Chase!


  1. Replies
    1. And I do have questions for her!
      1. What was the most fun time you ever had?
      2. What was the most hilariously humiliating time you ever had?
      3. Who's your best friend?
      4. Any thoughts on your future?
      5. How do you think you'd act if you were suddenly stranded on a desert island?

    2. Ooh, these are really good questions, Belle! Thanks!

  2. MAY I ASK QUESTIONS? I certainly hope so, because I'm going to anyways. :D

    1. What exactly is a Turvy (Forgive me if you already explained this and my brain decided to forget)
    2. What would you like to be if you weren't a princess?
    3. How would you react if you learned you could never fly again?

    1. Of course you may ask questions!! I'm going to ask questions of Chase, so it's only fair. :)

      These are splendiferous queries, m'dear Anna! Thank you ever so much! This is gonna be so fun. :)

  3. That's a cool way to do a character interview. Eager to see how it goes!

    -Do you plan on settling this Turvy issue when you become Queen?
    -If so, How? Battle or peaceful negotiations?
    -Is there something you value so highly that you would sacrifice your kingdom for it?
    Bonus- Coffee or tea?

    1. Thanks, Blue! 'Twas a brilliant idea on Anna's part, so I can take none of the credit. :)

      These are excellent questions! Delighted to see the "coffee or tea" one on there again. :)


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