Dual Character Inquisition Tag

Much to my delight, I have been tagged for the brand-new Dual Character Inquisition Tag by Anna @ Swords and Quills! Thanks, Anna!

The idea of this tag is to take two characters from your NaNo project (or any project!) and answer 10 random questions about them.


Now, it may have been the word "Inquisition" in the tag title, but for some reason I got the idea that it would be really fun to interrogate my characters themselves in this tag. So. In this post I intend to, not only tell you about, but introduce you personally to, my characters Ricky Hartford and Michael Mulligan, from my NaNo project The Time Traveling League.

Coast Guardsman and his K-9 Partner. Beach Patrol WW2. I love that dog!:

Michael Mulligan is in the Coast Guard,
like this fella here. I don't know if he has
a dog...but I hope so!

Artist's model of "The Aviator" by sculptor Augustus Lukeman, around 1925…:
And Ricky Hartford's a WWI airman.
No, he doesn't have angel wings -
not even in a figurative sense -
but I couldn't resist using this picture.

Me: So, you guys have been friends for awhile. How did you meet?

Ricky: It's a funny story, actually. We both stumbled into the Time Tunnel at the same time.

Me: Time, in the Time Tunnel? I thought it was a kinda timeless place.

Ricky: No way am I explaining that right now. Besides, you understand it as well as I do. Anyway. No sooner did I start exploring than I came across this scared little midshipman shaking in his boots.

Michael: I'm in the coast guard, not the navy. And I was not shaking in my boots. I was reasonably concerned.

Ricky: Sure.

Michael: You would've been, too, if you'd had any sense of responsibility.

Me: Describe yourself in one word. Michael?

Michael: *thinks for a moment* Conscientious.

Me: Ricky?

Ricky: A scamp.

Me: Now describe each other in one word.

Michael: *stares at Ricky for a moment* I think he summed it up pretty well. He's a scamp.

Ricky: *grins* Michael's a worrywart.

*Michael raises an eyebrow, but says nothing*

Me: You're both eligible young men. Have you any particular young lady waiting for you at home?

Michael: *smiles* Boy, do I.

Ricky: Boy, don't I.

Michael: He's got five.

Ricky: No, I don't. Honor bright. I'm not that much of a scamp.

Michael: A nice girl like Helen would do you a lot of good, Ricky.

Ricky: No thanks. Too busy with krauts to bother with girls right now.

Michael: Aren't we all?

Me: Speaking of the war. What's one thing you like about being in the service?

Ricky: Flying! Where else would I get to have wings?

"Winged Victory" by Terry Jones:
Image not mine.

Michael: I like knowing I'm doing my duty.

Ricky: Oh, come on, Mulligan. Isn't there anything fun about being in the navy?

Michael: The coast guard. And have you seen Hatteras Island? There are no roads. It's the middle of nowhere. Not that it's not growing on me.

Me: Do you have any siblings?

Ricky: Well, I've got two sisters who are regular fussbudgets. Nice fussbudgets, though. One's in the Red Cross. The older one's married with two kids.

WWI Nurse Uniform.:
Image not mine.

Michael: Three younger brothers and two sisters, one older and one younger. They're all good letter-writers.

Me: Name one thing you miss about the pre-war days.

Michael: Helen.

Ricky: Knowing I'd be alive in the morning.

Me: Oh, Ricky!

Ricky: Now, don't go feeling sorry for me. I like the risk. It just gets old sometimes.

Me: It's too late; I'm sorry for you. Let's do something lighter. What do you think of animals?

Michael: I like dogs and horses. Could do without cats. And seagulls. Sandpipers are okay, though.

Ricky: Well, I like cats. And seagulls, too. I don't think there's an animal I don't like. Except for mosquitos.

Me: Ugh, mosquitos are the worst! What are your plans for after the war?

Michael: Marry Helen and start a family. I've got a job in the family business for starters, so I'll be able to take care of them.

Life of a 50s Housewife:
Image not mine.

Ricky: Haven't thought that far yet.

Me: What's your favorite dessert?

Michael: Ice cream. Preferably a hot fudge sundae with a cherry on top. From the ice cream parlor back home.

Have ice cream in the freezer just in case you want to whip up a few ice cream sundaes <3 Chocolate, strawberry, carmel syrups, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles...got a couple bananas? Make banana splits!:
Image not mine.

Ricky: Chocolate cake, slathered in about three inches of icing. My kid sister's is the best.

Me: What are some of your intellectual strengths and weaknesses? Books? Mathematics? Literature? Understanding people? Strategy?

Ricky: I always hated reading and writing in school. Math was a little better. I'm most comfortable working with my hands, actually doing things. Like flying. I picked that up pretty quick.

Michael: I'm pretty good at rote memorization. Hardly ever missed a history date or a spelling word. When it comes to the stuff like literature, though, I'm lost. I can't keep track of a complicated storyline to save my life. I need something straightforward and simple.

Me: Gee, I don't know if I'd get along well with you guys, after all. Reading and writing is my life!

Well, look at that! There's ten questions already. (Well, eleven, technically. But "describe yourself in one word" and "describe each other in one word" was a two-part question.) I'll let you get back to Time-Traveling League stuff, boys. What do you do in the Time Traveling League, after all? Don't answer that; I'll find out soon enough!

I hope you've enjoyed meeting Michael Mulligan and Ricky Hartford! I certainly enjoyed introducing them to you (and to myself, really). Thanks again for this "splendiferous" tag, Anna!

I tag:
And whoever else wants to join in!


  1. Cool! I'm considering starting a blog just to do this! Of course, you already tagged people, though.... :P Cool post! :D

    1. Hahaha! Re-reading this, I just realized they sound a lot like Mont and Ned. :)Hahahaha.... Actually, knowing the same time period, they COULD know each other possibly... That's cool....

    2. Ooh! Yes, start a blog! In which case you are immediately and automatically tagged. :)

      Oh, Mont and Ned. My, but I do like those fellows. Why yes, they could know each other....at any rate, they could know Michael. They're WWII, right?

  2. Time traveling *AND* WWII? Cool! By the way, the word "fussbudget" (which I'd never heard up until now) made me snicker. XD

    Thanks again for the tag, Lucy! I wish you all the best with Nano!

    1. Thanks, Tracey! "Fussbudget's" a fun one. :)

      You're welcome! Good luck with your writing, too!

  3. Right off the bat you show their contrasting personalities! Perfect!

    Thanks for another tag! I'll be looking forward to doing this one. I think I already know just who I'll be interviewing.

    1. Thanks, Blue! I think I'm gonna have fun with these two. :)

      Ooh, I can't wait to see it! Characters are just the best. :)


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