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Blog Pause :)

Hello dear readers!

I just wanted to let you know that, due to a family vacation, this blog shall be totally neglected for at least one week beginning October First. Which means yet another skipped Catholicism Explained post....

Bookshelf Tour Tag

So! I have been tagged for the Bookshelf Tour Tag by Anna at Light From the Shadows. Thank you ever so much, Anna! This tag was splendiferously fun. Speaking of splendiferous things, you should go check out her blog; it's quite splendiferous. (And isn't splendiferous a splendiferous word? Spell check says it's not a word, but google has it in its dictionary, so I shall use it to my heart's content. Splendiferous! Splendiferous! Splendiferous!)
Now! On to the tag! Oh, and a quick note: I don't really have my own personal bookshelf. (Gasps all round, right?) My books mingle with the rest of the family's in the shelves all round the house. So...when I say a book is "on my shelf," what I mean is that it's "in the house."
Now on to the tag.

A short but powerful book
Hmm. The Screwtape Letters is under 200 pages, and it's pretty powerful. 

Also 198-page Blessed Jose: Boy Cristero Martyr (which really needs returned to its permanent owners..…

Lillian Update

So, I didn't give a Lillian update on this blog last week, but I did work on Lillian; and I'm quite pleased to say the word count has reached 20,164. Two weeks ago it was 9,849. Isn't it happifying when word counts double like that?

I'm still loving this story! I don't think Lillian herself is...that's what makes it so fun. In the past two weeks I've pushed her into fairy-infested woods, a town of dollhouses, and the company of rather irksome characters. She thinks they're irksome, anyway; I just think they're fun.

So tell me! How are your stories coming? Do you delight in making your characters squirm? What are some interesting settings you've written about recently?

Beautiful People - September

You thought I was going to skip Beautiful People this month, didn't you? did I. :) But it's all good, because in the end (before the end, really) I remembered!

So. Beautiful People is a wonderful link-up hosted by Cait and Sky, and if you haven't already you should definitely go to one of their websites and join in the fun! It's a great way to get to know your characters (and a chance to talk about them as much as you who could say no?). 
This month, after a bit of deliberating, I've decided to feature Pep, a fairy from my current work in progress Lillian

How did you come up with this character?

I honestly don't remember. Probably I discovered her in the fairy-inhabited lake my family's been visiting for the past ten years, peeking out from behind the lady's slippers or skimming over the water on the back of a dragonfly.

On my ninth birthday my grandparents gave me a notebook with a picture of Tinkerbell on the front. I decided to w…

Ten Reasons to Read G. K. Chesterton

So, if you know anything about me, you might know that I have a mild obsession with G. K. Chesterton.

After a due amount of thought, I've decided that you should form a mild obsession with G. K. Chesterton, too.

And so I am going to give you ten good reasons why you should drop whatever you're doing and pick up a volume of Chesterton instead.

1. His quotes are stupendous.

Chesterton's one-liners are perfection. Thus, he is really really really fun to quote. Don't believe me? Google "G. K. Chesterton quotes" and see for yourself. Or just stick around and read the rest of this post - I had lots of fun raiding my Pinterest board for this. :)

2. He takes fairy tales (and all fiction) seriously.

Fellow writers, if you ever find yourself doubting the importance of your work, read Chesterton. As a big believer in the value of little things, he puts a great emphasis on the importance of fiction. Fairy-tales, poetry, novels, legends - these are the things, he believes, …

Catholicism Explained - The Rosary

Catholicism Explained is a day late this time around, but that's better than totally absent, right? :)

Today, we're talking about the Holy Rosary. Our previous discussions have included:

The Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist Is the Eucharist Literal or Symbolic? Sacred Tradition The Sacrament of Confession Why Do We Need Priests? Marian Dogmas Mary the Mother of God Mary Ever-Virgin
The Immaculate Conception
Thoughts on the Immaculate Conception
The Holy Rosary is one of the most popular devotions among Catholics - and little wonder. This practice, recommended and loved by countless saints and holy men and women of God, is a perpetual way of keeping the life and virtues of Christ in mind.

The Basics
What is the rosary? It's a prayer made up of meditations on the life of Jesus and Mary. Although it's a fairly long prayer, it's simple and easy to learn. If you can pray the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be, then you can pray the rosary.

The Rosary isn't just…

Gregory's Interview

It's time for Gregory's interview!

(Before we begin, an apologetic sidebar to my dear readers whom I've been totally ignoring in the last few days. Life's been rather busy recently, but I plan to catch up on all my online stuff - including replying to comments - as soon as I can, hopefully tomorrow.) :)

Me: Well, Gregory, are you ready for your interview?
(Gregory, squirming in his chair, grins and nods.)
Me: First question: what do you think of Ellen? Do you know her well?
Ellen? Of course I know her! She's like my sister, except she's not my sister because we have different parents. I like her. I like her a lot. I think she's the best girl in the whole world. *cocks head, thinks for a moment* I don't know any other girls.
Me: *smiling* What do you think of Arthur? Do you know him well?
Gregory: Arthur's my brother! Of course I know him. I like him a lot, too.  *a thoughtful grimace, grotesque in its intensity* I don't know if I like h…

Lillian Update...a Day Late

So, technically this report was supposed to come yesterday...but, like Percy Wynn in the book Harry Dee (which I just finished reading aloud to my siblings yesterday), I shall "act on the principal 'better late than never'" and post today.

Last Tuesday the word count on my official Word document was 3,196. Today? 9,849. (Some of that was copied and pasted from stuff written earlier, but then I haven't typed up everything I wrote last week, so I figure it evens out.)

Obviously, I did not make my goal of 1000 words per day; but I am pretty happy with myself nevertheless. :)

Story-wise, things are going well. I'm safe from writer's block at the moment because I have stuff planned in some detail for about two, three more chapters.

Lillian is gradually getting pushed into a situation not unlike the one described in this poem...

And I'm having lots of fun introducing the characters from "fairy world." :)

Oh! And if anybody is interested in readin…

Catholicism Explained Taking a Holiday :)

Hello all!

This is just a notification that Catholicism Explained has decided not to appear on this particular Labor Day weekend.

It will be back with a discussion on the rosary next Sunday.