Weekly Writing Update: Lillian Lives!

So, my writing goal this week was to write a chapter of Lillian. And guess what? I succeeded. I now have Chapter One written.

Granted, I don't know if this Chapter One will work or not. It might be way too boring to hook readers. But at least now I can forget about setting the stage and dive into telling a story.

Mrs. Tittlemouse - Beatrix Potter:

My word count in Lillian is now 3,196. About two-thirds of that was written this week. Not very impressive, but it's a start. :)

Next week's goal? I hope to add at least another chapter, and get into the habit of writing every day no matter what. That's a habit I'll need if I want to win NaNoWriMo in November.

Well! That's it for me. What are your writing projects looking like? And does anybody have any tips on what makes a good first chapter? 


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to read it! :D Although, perhaps now you've written it, you might consider posting amongst us inklings again....? Maybe...? Well, at least you know what story you're doing for nano. I know the story, but not the book. I'm in a quandary over whether Beyond The Stars (Vance's story)is going to be the first book or the second and whether I should write the prologue as a whole first story instead of just a prologue. But, on the bright side, Alomina, my main book, is at word-count of almost 36,000, so yay! I think that it should go to the dumps with first chapter hooks. :P I am so tired of none of my stories (except Owain) having any hooks that I have come to look down upon starting in the action. But, if your hook can be something non-action-related, then you are BRILLIANT!!!

    1. Oh yes, I did submit it to Inklings. It should go up pretty soon. :)

      Aren't writing decisions so tough sometimes?? Not knowing whether Beyond the Stars is Book 2 or Book 1 reminds me of my space trilogy - my Book 2 is, I think, more interesting than Book 1 and Book 1 could very well be packed into a prologue. Well not exactly. That whole trilogy needs totally revamped anyway.

      Congratulations on Alomina! That's exciting. :)

      I'm really bad at action hooks. Actually I don't know if I've ever really tried one. See, I feel like the "hookiest" kinds of books aren't so much the ones that start with a fight scene or a robbery or a duel, but ones that start with unique concepts and interesting settings and lovable characters, and raise lots of questions. That "raising questions" technique is one I heard recommended a ton when I first started reading writing blogs, and I was like, "Really?" But it does seem to work. :) I don't know why I'm rambling about this...

  2. Love it, Lucy! And, yes, Lillian shall be up very shortly on the Inklings. And, good job, Lucy! I'm just glad that you are working on it, because I absolutely adore your Lillian story! :) By the way, if anyone on this blog would like to read and give feedback on the prologue and, soon, the first chapter of Lillian, you are welcome to go to: http://theinklings.wixsite.com/inklings

    Oh, my goodness, beginnings and first chapters are the absolute hardest for me. I can never decide the best way to start, or where to even start in the first place. When I write most of my first chapters, I already know that I am probably going to come back in editing and redo them almost completely. They are pesky little things- those first chapters.

    My writing projects are coming along steadily. I have stuck with a minimum 300 daily word goal for the past week. *pat myself on the back* :P I personally find it really hard to write everyday, so I found that setting a low word goal is very helpful.
    At least you both have the guts to actually attempt NaNoWriMo. I am too much of a coward to have ever tried such a daunting task... Have either of you ever done it in previous years? Do you think that it is worth it?

    1. Hehehehe.... I have never done it up until now, so I am pretty scared. I actually just recently found out what it was about, thanks to dear Lucy here. *pats Lucy on back* I almost never write the same story every day consistently for more than a week or two. Once I got myself to write 3 pages a day for four weeks, but it then faded quickly. :P

    2. Thanks, Anna! I'm glad you like it. :) And thanks for posting that link to the Inklings site - if you don't mind, I'd like to kinda "promote" (meaning sing the praises of, with links) Inklings in these writing-related posts.

      I know, aren't beginnings hard?? Well, I guess it doesn't hurt to rewrite...and rewrite...and rewrite. It's probably healthy. It's just...really annoying. :P

      Ooh, a 300 daily word count goal is an AWESOME idea. You make a good point about low word goals. I set one of 1000 words daily in September, but I probably won't be able to commit to that, so maybe I should lower it... And anyway, I plan on making Lillian shorter than 30,000 words, so I really don't need 1000 words every day in September. :) I'm glad to hear your writing projects are going well!

      Heheheh...I've never done NaNoWriMo, but I figure I might as well give it a try. Worst case scenario is complete failure, but I think I can handle that. And more than likely it'll force me to write more than I would otherwise. Although I've never done NaNo, I did do a Camp NaNo in...April, I think? Yeah, April. In Camp NaNo you can set your own word count goal, so I set mine at 30,000 words and barely made it. I think that was definitely worth it - I finished a first draft of my Ellen story, which I doubt I would have ever accomplished otherwise.

      (Don't be scared, Isi! Might as well give it a shot. We'll flounder through it together!) :)

    3. Yes, go on ahead and promote the Inklings! The more stories the better!

      Wow, that is a pretty darn ambitious daily word goal, Lucy! I'm sure you could do it, but I find it easier to type the words when I know that there is a small goal.

      Well... *bite my lip and fidget in hesitation* I guess I'll get over my fear and give it a go with you both. After all, like you said, Lucy, the worst that could possibly happen would only be completely failure (and a bunch of words). :P

    4. Yay for Anna! I'm sure both of you will do better than I... I haven't the slightest how beyond writing goals...

    5. Yes, yay! Although - I hope no one feels like they HAVE to do it. Of course there are pros and cons to everything. :)

  3. Hurrah for a goal completed and a story started!
    The Lillian story sounds adorable, and I hope to hear more about it soon.
    I'm still learning how to create first chapters. But I find that a good character introduction is usually a good story introduction.

    1. Thanks, Blue! :)
      That's a good point. I need to work on character introductions - and especially main characters. I love my side characters, but my main characters always turn out flat somehow...


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