Beautiful People - August

And Beautiful People strikes again! ("Strikes" may be the wrong word, as strikes are not normally welcome and Beautiful People most certainly is.) This fantabulous link-up is hosted by Cait and Sky.

Dare I introduce not only a new character, but a totally new book, in this Beautiful People post? Of course I dare! To be sure this book isn't serious at all, more of something I'm writing just for fun than something I hope to finish and polish and publish someday, but - hey, I can dream, right?


So I might as well feature Jeanie Mulligan from my newly-started story The Time-Traveling League today.

Give a brief overview of her looks. (Include a photo if you want!)
Jeanie's on the short side and looks rather younger than her thirteen years. She's got a round, childish face with big blue eyes and long, curly brown hair.

Brooklyn, 1947:
Do you know how frustrating it is, scouring Pinterest for pictures of specific imaginary people?? Of course you don't find anything quite satisfying. This isn't perfect but it's the best I could get. If only she had glasses.

Share a snippet that involves description of her appearance.
Haven't got one yet, but I'll pull a few sentences from the thousand words or so I do have jotted down:
"She had her chin propped on her fist, and her blue eyes behind her glasses had a far-off look to them."
"There were other differences, too, Alice reflected as she let a spoonful of vanilla ice cream melt on her tongue - differences in the way they looked, from Jeanie's curly brown hair to Alice's long beanpole of a figure."

What is the first thing people might notice about her?
Her shy sweetness. Those who meet her usually catch her in the middle of a daydream, or else in the middle of trying not to be noticed, and when she realizes someone's actually talking to her she kinda comes to the outer world with a start and smiles and blushes. She's prone to be thought of as "a sweet little girl" by pretty much anyone.

Classic beauty:
Frankly, Jeanie's not this pretty. But she's got that same gentle innocent look.

What are her unique features? (Ex: freckles, big ears, birthmark, scars, etc.)
Big dark blue eyes which, together with her mouth, make her feelings and opinions clear as day. Also her curly hair.

How tall is she? What is her build (Ex: stocky, slender, petite, etc.)?
Eh, she's pretty short. I'm thinking a head shorter than me, so probably....5'2" or something? I'm so bad with measurements. And she's on the chubby side.

What is her posture like? How does she usually carry herself?
She doesn't slouch, but she's got this way of drawing into herself, making herself as much a part of the background as possible. Think one of those roly-poly pill bugs that go into a ball when they're afraid. She just - tries to shrink a little.

Your character has been seen on a “lazy day” (free from usual routine/expectations): what is she wearing and how does she look?
Lazy days and usual routine mean pretty much the same thing for Jeanie. She always dresses in cute, comfortable dresses of bright but not gaudy colors. 1950s style, because she lives in the 1950s.

Super adorable peachy cotton day dress from the 1950s. This dress features a cute bodice with harlequin style cut out neckline detail, a fitted waistline with matching belt and an open skirt.: Vintage 1950s dress // 50s cotton day dress: Sunnyside dress / vintage 1950s dress / cotton 50s dress:

Does she wear glasses, accessories, or jewelry on a regular basis? Does she have any article of clothing or accessory that could be considered her trademark?
She wears glasses. I don't think there's anything else, though. There might be a necklace or something but if so I have yet to discover it.

Has she ever been bullied or shamed because of her looks? Explain!
Nah, no one could be mean to Jeanie. I mean, I'm sure there are those who could bully her, because bullies don't tend to have qualms about being mean as far as I know; but she's been fortunate enough not to meet any bullies.

Is she happy with how she looks? If she could change anything about her appearance, what would it be?
I don't think she thinks about her looks too much. If there was one thing she could change it'd probably be her figure - she'd prefer to be a beanpole like her older sister Alice.

So that's Jeanie! Anybody else doing Beautiful People this month? (Do share!) Am I the only one who sighs for 50-ish dresses? Or writes silly non-serious stories about time travel? Or gets fed up with Pinterest for not showing me the imaginary faces I see so clearly?


  1. Is this your third book project? How many are you working on?

    I like Jeanie already, and I love this new book idea (1950s and time travel)!

    (By the by, I may be taking an internet hiatus until the end of August. This is just a heads up for if I seem to disappear and then flood your comment boxes come September. Until then, cheers!)

    1. Haha, I actually don't know how many books I'm working on... I think this is the fourth I've mentioned on this blog. I really should knuckle down and focus on one - need to get my writing priorities straight. :)

      I'm glad you like Jeanie and the book idea!

      (Oh, alrighty. We'll miss you!)

  2. Aww, Jeanie sounds ADORABLE. I love the vintage photos and ohhh those vintage dresses are gorgeous. And sweet shyness would be nice to write. :') It's so nice meeting her, I can totally picture her after this! :D

    Thanks for joining in!!

    1. Thanks, Cait! Vintage photos and dresses are one thing Pinterest can provide satisfactorily. :)

      Thanks for hosting this! It's so much fun!

  3. Oh, Lucy! I want to read this story! I can already see her so well! (And I agree, sometimes Pinterest is so useless. I don't even use it myself). I did beautiful people on a certain beloved old traveler of mine who I'm sure you know, Lucy....

    1. Well, I can send it to you once I have a decent amount typed up. :) And ooh! You did beautiful people on a character I know! I must see this!

    2. Here, I'll try and send. But I will have to edit a bit because you only know his nickname ("Echo") and I used his real name.

  4. Aww! I love her! And I love all the pictures! I must read her story! :)

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  6. I just have a quick question, Lucy.
    I really like your beautiful people posts, and I have noticed that other people do them on their blogs too. I was wanting to do them on my future blog.
    Would you mind explaining a bit to me what exactly a Beautiful People post is? Is there a certain way to do it?

    1. Sure, Anna! Beautiful People is a link-up (meme? I've heard it called different things and am far from an expert on blogging lingo) hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Skye @ Further Up and Further In. Every month they post ten character-related questions for writers. Joining the link-up is really simple; you just go to one of their blogs (there are links in the post above), read the "Beautiful People" post, and there are instructions on there. Basically you add your link to the list of participators and that's it. It's also a rule that you include the "Beautiful People" picture thingy (I think it's called a meme but I'm ignorant) in your post, but that's simple.

      I can't wait to see your future blog and your Beautiful People posts! :)

    2. Thank you so much for explaining!! :)

    3. My pleasure! I hope that was helpful. :)

    4. Yes, it was indeed. In fact, here is my beautiful people post on my brand new blog:

    5. Ooh! Yippee!! I can't wait to check it out!!!


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