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(Sorry for the absence of Catholicism Explained this past week! I was out of town Sunday and didn't get around to posting. However! I fully intend to have that little feature up-and-running again by next Sunday. So.)

At the end of Tristan's interview, we held an election to determine which character I'd introduce to you next - and the winner, I'm happy to say, was Arthur.

I'm glad for a chance to focus on Arthur for awhile, because he's going through a lot of changes as I write the second draft, and I still need to get a feel for who this boy really is.

Age: 19


Arthur was born to the two serfs Martha and Geoffrey, and thus into the service of Lord Garlon (formerly known as Lord Stonedon). When he was a toddler, Garlon entrusted his family with the care of two homeless baby orphans named Abel and Ellen.

Arthur grew up side by side with these two. Much of their shared childhood was spent in the fields. Although Garlon gave Ellen and Able special privileges (education, fine clothes, etc.) for no apparent reason, they never pretended to be superior to their foster-family of serfs.

At the age of 17, an opening in the Castle Guard gave Arthur a chance to trade a hoe for a sword. Out of the some dozen serfs who competed for the position, Arthur was chosen. Some say his promotion from serf to guard was a reward to his family for fostering "Garlon's favorites" rather than a reflection of his own suitability. This rumor stings Arthur's pride - or what small amount of pride a born serf can afford to cherish. As a result, he takes his position very seriously and often exasperates Ellen with his phlegmatic professionalism while on duty.

Although on guard he exchanges signs of informal friendliness with no one, Arthur is a very kind-hearted, down-to-earth boy who would do anything for the good of his family and friends.

Post any questions you have for Arthur in the comments, and I'll put up an interview soon!


  1. Oh, Arthur.... you are so amazing... but sad! :'D Well, how's this:
    1. Are you proud of your position?
    2. Are you happy?
    3. Do you have any plans for the future? {Sorry about the romanticisms again!} :)
    4. Who is your best friend?
    5. If you had but one single wish, to hold and keep and have for the rest of your life { :'( } what would it be?

    Maybe, depending on how many others give questions, I may have a couple more.

    1. Thanks, Isi! These are great questions.

  2. He sounds like he has a good hard-working ethic!

    -What makes you laugh?
    -What disgusts you?
    -What are the pains and rewards of being a guard?
    -Tea or Coffee? With cream and sugar? (yes, this is important)

    1. Sorry if quesstions are typo-ish, I have my baby asister Eve on my shoulder right now, so it's kinddd difficul....

    2. Ooh! Good questions again, Blue! (I think Arthur will be a little more compliant than Tristan when it comes to the tea vs. coffee questions!)

      And Darin, I totally get the baby sister helping type experience. :)

    3. Hehehe, yes, she frequently 'helps' me type. An editor would cringe at how typo-filled my stories are.....

    4. Haha, that's so cute. :) Little sisters (and brothers) are just the best!

    5. Despite the extensive editing I go through to fix it, I would wholeheartedly agree with you there. :)After all, even if she's troublesome, your baby sister is only a baby once.

  3. Hehe, good question, Blue... it Is important! I am loyally on the coffee side, I must say (with cream, lot's of it).

    1. How would you like to be king one day?
    2. Do you think you could fight if need be?

  4. Aw. He sounds so NICE. Um, questions:

    1. Who is your favorite person in the world besides your family?
    2. What is your daily routine as a guard like?
    3. Can you tell us some funny/happy/interesting things you remember from growing up with Abel and Ellen?
    4. Off the record, what is your opinion of Lord Garlon?

    1. Thanks for these questions, Rosie! These are all going to be so much fun to answer!!

  5. He sounds awesome!
    -Do you know Ellen or Able better?
    -What's your favorite memory?
    -What are you afraid of?
    -When was the first time you picked up a sword?

    1. Thanks, Anna! Your new blog is so awesome!! And I can't wait to answer these questions - er, let Arthur answer them. :)


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