Beautiful People - June (Also Tristan's Bio)

Say! 'Tis time for the June Beautiful People post already! (I say "already" because I've been ridiculously busy and time has flown ridiculously fast. Usually time drags between BP posts.)


This month I have decided to cheat a little. You remember that character bio I promised would go up soon? The one dedicated to Rosalie's brother, Tristan? Well! Here it is. Instead of posting a boring old bio to introduce you to Tristan, I'm going to answer these questions about his childhood and use that as his background information.

(That doesn't mean we're skipping the interview, though! Do please ask Tristan any questions you can think of in the comments. Unlike his sister, Tristan does not talk much. Therefore we will need a lot of questions to make the interview sufficiently long.)


A bit of background: Tristan is the (extremely young) general of the Bonadorian army. His father was made king when he was one or two years old, and from then until the time he was twelve he lived in the palace with his family. During these years, the barbarians who had been driven away in his infancy began to trouble Bonador once again, and his father was kept busy fighting them. Tristan's mother died when he was eight. At the age of twelve, he went to join his father at the front lines.

What is his first childhood memory?

Oh, first memories are always so muddled and confused and impossible to pinpoint! The earliest thing he can remember is a fuzzy conglomeration of various people and places - his mother's face, his father's lap, the fort where he was born.

Out of all these hazy images raise at last the clear towers of a castle and the stony walls of a courtyard. In this courtyard he walks with his mother and father - and, later, with a little sister. Perhaps his earliest clear-cut memory is his father lifting him up in his arms and pointing out a raven which had perched on one of the castle parapets.

What were his best and worst childhood experiences?

Best: realizing that his father was a hero; sitting at his mother's knee with Rosalie; getting to hold his father's sword; the day he got his warhorse, Vollapax.

Worst: realizing that some people considered his family usurpers; the death of his mother; his first battle; seeing some of his closest friends killed.

The battle between the Dragonites and the Twin Kingdoms:

What was his childhood home like?

It was tranquil and loving, but overshadowed with sorrow. Storm clouds of political troubles and war and sickness veiled the brightness of family life and made even the happiest days still and gray.

This spiritual strain extended itself to the castle where they lived. When Tristan thinks of his childhood home, he thinks of long quiet rooms streaked with sunlight, somber courtyards enlivened by the pattering of little feet, and the surrounding fields dancing with flowers. There is a hush over everything - a hush edged in the stillness of death.

What’s something that scared him as child?

As a small boy, he had a fear of large animals - especially griffins. His father laughed and said, "You'll have to get over that, son, if you're to be a soldier." So get over it he did.

Tristan's winged warhorse, Vollapax.

Who did he look up to most?

Definitely his father. No other man in the world could command such a degree of respect and admiration in that little boy's eyes. The fact that others disdained his father only intensified Tristan's filial loyalty.

Favorite and least favorite childhood foods?  

Favorite: freshly baked bread, any kind of sweets.

Least favorite: cheese, cabbage.

If he had his childhood again, would he change anything?

Oh yes. It'd be easier to list the things that he wouldn't change.

I don't know if Tristan realizes that, though. If you asked him the above question, he would probably glare at you and say, "Why would I waste time thinking about that when I can't change anything?"

He's deucedly practical, that Tristan.

What kind of child was he? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

He was pretty quiet - also responsible, affectionate, protective, and ambitious.

At one time he was also fun-loving almost to the point of being mischievous, but those days are so long gone no one thinks about them any more.

What was his relationship to his parents and siblings like?

In the early days, it was a dream. He cherished his mother, practically worshipped his father, and was seldom seen without his little sister in tow.

Tristan's little sister, Rosalie.

The war didn't lessen his love for his family - if anything, it intensified it. But the more intense the love, the more intense the pain. As Tristan grew from a boy into a man, his adoration of his mother and Rosalie became (very naturally) worry for their safety, and this worry became a conviction that he had a duty to keep them safe, and this conviction became overprotectiveness...and in the end there were no happy, tender moments anymore, but only constant and almost domineering paranoia. To put it quite simply, he became distanced from them.

The relationship between Tristan and his father actually grew closer and stronger through the war, although in a very grim way. The hero-worship of Tristan's younger days hardened into mature respect, and by the time the story begins the two of them work together as a perfect military team.

What did he want to be when he grew up, and what did he actually become?

When he was a teeny tiny wittle boy his only desire was to be just like his father, a military general. He probably stopped wanting to be a soldier when he saw his first battle at the age of 12, but by then the mere "wanting" had been replaced with a conviction that he must be at the battlefield.

So he got his childhood wish, found it very disagreeable, and plunged into it without ever looking back. The result? He rose through the ranks and became his father's chief general by the age of 20.

So that's Tristan! I hope you've enjoyed meeting him. Are any of you doing Beautiful People this month? If so, do please share your posts! And if you have any questions you'd like to ask Tristan, leave them in the comments. I'll try to post an interview in two or three weeks.


  1. Why don't you like cheese?
    Do you ever consider your own future, perhaps as a father? An uncle?
    Are you the jealous 'leave-my-sister-alone-you-scum' type or the easygoing 'it's-all-in-fun' type when it comes to your sister and her social escapades?
    Of your friends who lived through the war, who was your best friend?
    What would you think (or do) if someone told you Rosalie was engaged?
    What would you do if someone hinted at you being enamored or distracted romantically?

    Sorry about the romantic theme of the questions, Lucy, I have just written three romantic book scenes in two days, so character enamor-ment is kind-of on my mind right now. :P

    1. Also, I am doing BP, but only on paper as I don't have any blog my own. I am a blog leech, reading and commenting on others but never contributing anything. :) ;) It is for my character, Lord Percy.

    2. Thanks for the wonderful questions, Isi! (And romantic questions are just fine. Should be very interesting to answer...I mean, to ask Tristan.) ;)

      Haha! A blog leech! That describes me to a T. I always read blogs and never comment.

      Your BP paper sounds wonderful! You must email it to me, hmmmmmm?

    3. Thanks! Will do, Lucy, as soon as I finish it! I'm glad you think it sounds interesting, 'tis the first BP I have ever fully finished (Percy must be way more interesting than Leta Arsteva, my previous beautiful person).

    4. Yayayay! Looking forward to it immensely!!

    5. Also, does that picture of Tristan seriously remind anyone else of Pirates Of The Caribbean? Especially Will? Anyone? Okay, never mind, it's probably just me, but seriously, Lucy, if Tristan looks anything like Will, you should be immensely proud of him. :)

    6. Haha, perhaps there is a resemblance. I wouldn't know, as I've never seen Pirates of the Caribbean. :)

    7. It does, Isi Anneford! Not enough for him to be mistaken for Will, but I do see the resemblance.

    8. Yes, isn't that odd! Not actually looking like him, but it just reminded me of him. Also, Lucy, if you haven't seen it, you NEED TO! It is soooooo good, and Will is incredibly awesome and handsome. Even if you don't wan to see it though, you need to look up pictures of Will Turner, or Orlando Bloom (the awesome guy who plays him!) because he is so cool (especially in those adorable pictuers with his pretty wife and his cute little four-year-old son, Flynn Bloom, who he takes with him places).

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. You'd probably know the actor from Lord of the Rings, Lucy. He plays Legolas.

  2. Hi, Lucy! I will submit a few questions (This and Catholicism Explained are my favorite features here).
    1. Would you like to live into peaceful old age?
    2. When the war ends, what do you plan to do?
    3. If it were your choice alone, with unlimited power and cooperation, how would you end the war and continue with life?
    4. What is your favorite animal?
    5. Do you ever plan to have a pet?
    (Sorry, just one more) 6. What is your best virtue?

    Thanks Lucy.... and thanks Tristan!

    1. Thanks, Darin! These questions are great. I'm glad you like these and the Catholicism Explained posts!

  3. Ahh! I love Tristan! He sounds like an awesome character!
    Okay, questions for him...
    1. How do you feel about having this much responsibility?
    2. If you weren't a soldier, what would you like to have done?

    Here's the link for my Beautiful People post

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I'm rather fond of Tristan myself. :)

      I love your Beautiful People post!!

  4. Tristan sounds like an interesting character. I love his dedication! I suppose my questions for him would be:
    -'What irritates you the most?'
    -'What brings you the most joy?'
    -'What words do you long to hear?'
    -'What words do you dread to hear?'
    -'Coffee, or tea? With cream and sugar?'

    On a completely different note, that last picture is a delight. I love goats!

    1. Thanks, Blue! These are very good questions!

      Ha, I'm glad you like it. (Pinterest is so handy.) Goats are such delightful creatures!!


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