A Plea to My Country

Well! I totally dropped the ball on this past Sunday's Catholicism Explained; my apologies for that. I played around with the idea of posting one today, but I decided to just save it for next Sunday.

However. I am going to post something - vaguely religious? - today. In reparation for my sin of sloth. So! Here goes. I don't...think...I have posted this before...

Oh. One other thing. This essay is written specifically as a plea to America, but most of it can be taken as a plea to mankind in general.

America! Oh, America! My country, my country, what has happened to you? Do you not see the sword buried deep in your heart, do you not feel your lifeblood gushing from this wound - do you not understand that unless this fatal flow is staunched it will soon be too late?

Ah, my country. You never do see the greatest perils which threaten your safety, not until they have come far too close, not until much irreparable damage has been done. Shall the groaning of the slave ever be avenged? No; though the blood of thousands, North and South, has been poured forth in expiation for that sin, even still you blush when that injustice is mentioned. The wrong was remedied, the cruelty was redressed - but not before too many innocent people, born to be free, wilted in the red dirt of the South and died beneath the sun that had beat down on their labor until it was too much to bear. You see now, America; you see how wrong you were now. Tell me, what good does it do now? Better to have seen the injustice then, and put a sooner end to it!

SLAVES, EX-SLAVES, and CHILDREN OF SLAVES IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH, 1860 -1900 (11)    Pickin' cotton in Georgia.:

It is ever the same, America; you turn your eyes away from your gaping wounds, your festering sores, because they are too hideous to look at, and you would fancy yourself the Beauteous Queen of the Nations. But the day is coming, my country, when this pretending game of yours shall be your undoing. Open your eyes, face the uncomfortable truth, and see that you are wounded - bleeding - yes, dying! Only then may you work to heal yourself - and, after this, to make yourself beautiful once more. I speak not to shame you, but to save you. Heinous acts of injustice are happening beneath your very eyes, and you do nothing!

Have you guessed, America, the injustice of which I speak? (Injustice! "Atrocity" is too weak a word!) Has your guilty conscience whispered to you the name of your own modern Holocaust? Yes, dear America, whisper it to yourself. You have made war against the weakest among you...you have slaughtered your own children in the womb...you have torn preborn babies to pieces, and sold their mutilated bodies for profit!

Love simple black and white photos! newborn photography...kind of annoying when people go over board to dress their babies up...simple is better....just my opinion:):

You know I speak the truth, America. You know of what I speak. You know abortion is the worst affront under Heaven - worse than prejudice, worse than betrayal, worse than murder, for it is all these things in one. Dare you let this go on any longer, America? - I speak not because I despise you, but because I love you, my motherland! I want to see you beautiful and shining and innocent, as so many poets and patriots have seen you before; I want to say, "This is my country, my glorious country," with a thrill of joy, and not of bitter horror. But I cannot praise your beauty until beautiful you are.

Friends of America, where are you? My brothers and sisters, my fellow patriots, why are you not crying out? Come, join me, assist me in this fight! Storm Heaven with prayers, storm Washington with complaints, storm human hearts with fiery love and passion for justice, that someday this crime be abolished. There is time yet, my friends; we might still see this travesty defeated, witness this banner of death go down. But first we must take action, for without action there can be no victory. Sound the alarum, my friends, sound the alarum! As Paul Revere shouted a warning in the night, as the brave abolitionists took a stand for the truth, so must we follow in their footsteps.

Marquis de Lafayette - He was a French noblemen who came to fight for the Americans during the Revolutionary War. He came to fight for the Americans because he wanted them to beat the British. He was a major general and was influential in defeating the British during the war.:

Give me aid, my friends, be strong and give me aid! Together, God willing, we shall restore this great nation to her former glory.

One Nation under God!:


  1. Ah, sweet land, 'tis true... you are dying horrendously! I too cry for the country yours and mine, Lucy, that has torn itself apart from within...

    1. It is sad - but it's not hopeless! We just have to fight...and pray. Prayer's the best weapon. :)

  2. Thank you for the rally and reminder, Lucy.
    it's a call for justice and repentance that I hope will also go out to my own country, and throughout the world.

    (I'm sorry to say this, since it is only me nitpicking, but Paul Revere's ride wasn't at all what Longfellow portrayed it as. Perhaps a better analogy would be Lewis Hine? We need more Lewis Hines!)

    1. We hope it will touch all nations indeed.... May I ask what country is yours?

    2. Thanks, Blue! :)

      (Oh yes. That's true. I suppose it's bad writing to use a legendary example and a strictly historic one in the same sentence. But Paul Revere's just such an icon of American patriotism, you know? :) I'd never heard of Lewis Hine before - thanks for pointing him out!)

  3. I'm Canadian, and I wish I could say that without the shame and sadness I'm now feeling.
    Canada has no abortion laws, and has recently made euthanasia legal.
    But there can't be a restoration of God-honouring government without a restoration of individual hearts, so I'm praying for that first.

    1. (In answer to anonymous)

    2. That is very sad.... I hope your country too can heal its wounds...


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