Pro-Life Rant, Anyone?

Somehow I got to looking at pro-abortion pins on Pinterest the other day. Don't ask me how that happened or why I felt like getting myself worked up into a frenzy. After fretting and fuming over the craziness of the world in general, I ended up deciding to vent my frustration through a blog post.

Therefore, I hereby intend to show you some of these obnoxious pins and critique them. I can't promise that I will remain calm. I will probably end up screaming a few times. But that's okay, because all like-minded readers can come and scream with me in the comments afterward, right? :)

Revolting Pin #1:
I pinned this merely to rebuttle against it:  WHY ON EARTH DOES THAT MATTER? A preborn baby is a PERSON. Saying they don't matter just because they don't "think" or "scream out when they are aborted" is absolutely twisted and wrong. This is the kind of thinking that will be absolutely condemned as worthy of Hitler someday. While we're on "scientific facts," a baby has its own unique DNA from the moment of conception. So there.:

Which are all very good reasons for justifying murder, right?

Uh, wrong.

Seriously, though. This is just so twisted. It implies that the only reason killing someone is wrong is because it causes people emotional or physical pain, completely ignoring the sacredness of human life. In my limited experience with pro-abortion people, I've found that they often don't argue that a preborn baby isn't a person as much as they argue that killing an innocent human being is sometimes justifiable.

And while we're on the topic of "scientific facts": a preborn baby has its very own unique DNA from the moment of conception.  So there.

Rebuttal Pin #1:
Pro Life:

Revolting Pin #2:

The logic here is fatally flawed. It makes the case that war, hunger, poverty, etc., etc., are just as heinously wrong as abortion is. It completely ignores the fact that abortion is THE DIRECT TAKING OF AN INNOCENT HUMAN LIFE.

War is not murder - it's a horrible thing that pretty everyone wants to avoid, but which is sometimes necessary. Hunger and poverty and homelessness are not murder - they're unfortunate facts which, again, everyone is trying to fix. Our planet's degradation is not murder - quite often it's a lot of hype about nothing. Capital punishment is not murder - it should be avoided and used only as a very last resort, but it's not the taking of an innocent human life. As for human rights - fighting for the unborn IS fighting for the most basic of human rights - life! And what good are education and employment to a dead person?

Abortion IS murder. It's legal murder. That's why it's so horrible. That's why it's more urgent than all the other horrible things which everyone knows is wrong and everyone is fighting against.

Rebuttal Pin #2:
Please don't end your baby's life,that is the truth.:

THIS is something to worry about. Tell me this cause isn't worth fighting with all my might and main.

Revolting Pin #3:
Even if it was a baby, a person has a right to decide who goes inside of or uses their body at any time.

This one makes me so mad I might just have to go punch a pillow.

It's a just anger, though.

Just look at their reasoning. Just look at it. "Because this doesn't look like a human, it isn't a human." I thought judging people by their appearances was seen as a horrible atrocious thing in America! But here they are, not only pointing fingers and making fun of the way someone looks, but using the way a person looks as justification to kill them. This is OUTRAGEOUS, people. This is beyond bigoted. Not even racists use outward appearances as justification to kill someone.

Plus, look at how they contradicted themselves there. First they say, "This is not a person." Then they turn around and say, "This is a developing human organism," as though "a developing human organism" is a totally different thing from a "person." They just CHANGED TERMS on us and hoped the way "developing human organism" sounds will hide the reality of what a "developing human organism" is. Let's break this down:

"Developing" means "growing." The plants in my sister's upstairs nursery are developing. My cats kittens are devloping. My baby sister is developing. I'm developing. You're developing. The fact that we're developing doesn't make us less human than we are, and the fact that my baby sister is less developed than I am doesn't make her less human than I am.

"Human organism" means "person." I think that's pretty obvious. I'm a human organism. You're a human organism. My baby sister is a human organism. It sorta sounds like the term an alien from Lost in Space would use, but it doesn't change the fact that WE ARE PEOPLE.

And it doesn't change the fact that this little baby is a person, either.

So to translate what they just said to ordinary terms, "This is not a person. This is a growing human creature." Uh.....where's the difference?

Rebuttal Pin #3:
Pro Life:

Annd since I've realized that two of my rebuttal pins are pretty much repeats of each other and there are lots of really cool prolife pins on Pinterest, I'll end this post with a boatload of common sense. :)

Pro-Abortion Lunacy:


Luke 1:41-44..."When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting, the baby leaped inside her..." (The baby was John the Baptist.):

We have truly failed as a society if the only way we can "help" a pregnant woman in crisis is to kill her child. End abortion #ProLife:

Pro-life: Using Humour Not Horror -Sometimes humour, warmth and humanity gets the point about abortion across.With this thought in my mind. I have collected or created a few pro-life memes which use humour rather than horror to celebrate the miracle of life and birth.:


  1. Amen, sister! ^_^ It's incredibly sad how many babies are aborted, and how people justify it. (Have you read Bryan Davis's Children of the Bard series? "The Seventh Door" had a scene at an abortion clinic that just about made me cry.)

    That last picture in this post brought a smile to my face.

    1. It's a truly tragic thing. :( (Oh, no, I haven't read Children of the Bard yet! I'm slowly getting there, though - currently reading Enoch's Ghost. I've heard of that scene from a friend, though, and it sounds heart-rending!)

      I'm glad you liked that last picture. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

  2. Abortion makes me SO ANGRY. I want to scream at all those people who say it's a "choice". Aren't they glad that THEY were born? Like, according to their own logic, their parents had the choice to kill them. Why can't they see that??

    1. It's so, so, so unfair! Someday it'll be seen as a second Holocaust, and here we are sitting through it silently. And then it's so maddening when people justify it by saying they "care about the woman." If they really cared about the woman, they wouldn't be advising her to murder her own child!

  3. Precisely!!!!!!!!!! Agree with everything said here! Anybody who kids themselves that this is a choice (not, say, murder, a child, immorality) is twisted and evil! And this is not even the worst thing. In you everyday thing, even your kid's movies (YES, I said KID's MOVIES!) there is a pro-abortion theme. Think over these movie, and book themes, and see if you've heard them before:
    1. "You can't decide for me, this is my choice, I make my own path, I choose my fate!"
    (That one sound familiar? I can pinpoint several movies with that one, such as Brave, Alice In Wonderland, and, big shocker, Frozen!)
    2. "It would have been better if they were never born"
    (This one is usually said in relation to the villains or trouble-causers, but it reeks of pro-choice. When somebody said something similar in LotR, though, I am proud to say, he was most thoroughly checked)
    3. "Why should we dwell in the past? We need to be different, new, creative, etc."
    (I can pinpoint less in this one, but there still are a good few)

    Now, 1 suggests that, as the mother, the mother has the right to make any choice she likes, it doesn't matter nor depend upon morality of life-rights, or whatever else is going on, and this is terrible. It also tell those kids that watch these movies to do whatever they want, whatever feels right at the moment, without thought to consequences or other people.
    I don't even need to go into 2! I mean, just listen to it! It says that never being born would have been better than the life they have! That suggests to those poor, misled kids that even murder is justifiable!
    3 says that new ideas are good, old ideas are bad (such as the long going idea of 'life is sacred'!) and it urges people to accept new ways and new times (this also supports gay "marriage").

    I think that I could go on longer, but I must remember that I am not the blogger, but the commenter.

    1. Wow, Isabelle, what a delightful rant! And a very interesting one. :)

      I don't think most people who call themselves "pro-choice" are twisted or evil, just really really really misled. I mean, abortion is twisted and evil, but so many times the people tricked into supporting it don't realize that.

      Oh! Those themes do indeed sound familiar. Isn't it amazing how subtle themes in movies and books can take hold and really affect the way people think? As my former literature teacher often said, "Stories shape and reflect culture." One of the reasons we need pro-life, pro-morality writers, eh? :)

  4. Yes, indeed! Movies (especially kid's movies) often hide society's distorted views and themes. It is something I often rant about.

    1. Yup, yup, yup. Let's take up our pens and fight this sickened culture!

    2. Yes, hear, hear!


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