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Time for another character bio! This time we'll be interviewing Princess Rosalie of Bonador. I love this girl. She's quite possibly my favorite character in this story. (But, ha! I'd say that about every character. So forget I said it.)

Speaking of this story! The first draft, I am very pleased and excited to announce, is finished at 61,728 words.  Of course, there are a ton of plot holes, and inconsistencies in the story world, and unfulfilled foreshadowings (that's not a word? it should be), and incomplete character arcs. But hey! None of that really matters in a first draft, does it?

Princess Rosalie
Age: 16

Best Rosalie picture yet!:
Rosalie's older than this adorable little child I
found on Pinterest, but she still looks strikingly similar.
Her face is just more developed, that's all.
Oh, and her hair is even darker.
Rosalie was but an infant when the King of Bonador died in battle and left the kingdom in her father's care. Thus, from her earliest days, Rosalie was surrounded by all the comforts of court and all the honors due a princess. Her life, however, has been fraught with sorrow. Bonador is a kingdom torn by war, and this war often took her father far away to fight on the borderlands. Sometimes he was away for years at a time.

Rosalie's childhood was spent in the gardens of her castle, far away from the war and from all shadow of the horror her brother lived through. Her life was not without sorrow, however; she missed her father and her brother dreadfully, and when she was five years old she saw her mother fade away, never to return.:
This could well be Rosalie, picking flowers in the castle courtyard
under her mother's watchful eye.
When Rosalie was five years old, her mother died. When she was ten years old, her older brother, Tristan, went to join his father as a soldier on the borderlands.

For all this, Rosalie never lost her child-like innocence and cheery good spirits. Indeed, Tristan often complains that she is too cheerful, that her innocence approaches naiveté - and this last accusation cannot be denied. At the beginning of the story, sixteen-year-old Rosalie, homesick for her father and brother, decides to pay them a visit at the front. Impulsively, she sets out in her floating ship for the borderlands, little thinking of the dangers she might meet in the wild. It is on this journey that she meets Ellen. Since the girls are both headed for the borderlands and Ellen's griffin is hurt, Rosalie offers her a ride on her ship. This is the beginning of their adventures together.

18th C. swashbuckling on Mars or in Mu? - Page1:
General idea of Rosalie's flying ship. The balloons should be pastel in color -
Tristan refers to it contemptuously as a "floating cake."
So there's an introduction to Rosalie! Feel free to ask her any questions you can think of in the comments. Rosalie's a pretty talkative person, so the more the merrier. :)


  1. Congrats on getting your first draft finished! That's wonderful.

    Rosalie! What a pretty name for a princess :) Let me think if I can come up with some questions for her!

    1. What is her favorite memory of her mother?
    2. What talents does she have?
    3. Describe a typical day at the castle.
    4. How did she learn to swim? (I'm assuming if she can sail a ship, she can swim.)
    5. What does she think of Ellen? Do they become friends? How do they work together?
    6. Something that reminds her of her father/brother.

    1. Thanks, Rosie! These are great questions. :)

  2. How's about this:
    1. What, in your entire life, pre-plot and post-plot, do you feel made the most difference?
    2. What is your dream for you future romantic partner? (providing you have one)

  3. *Your future romantic partner... :)

    1. Ooh! Great questions, Isabelle! Thanks!

  4. You're very welcome! I am eager to see her answers! Also, tell Rosalie 'hi' for me! :)

    1. I will! Heavens, I need to get on this interview, don't I?

  5. How's this? Do you like to plan for your friends and family?

    1. Ooh, that's a good question, Darin!

    2. A very good question! Thanks, Darin! I mean to post this interview very very soon...

  6. I forgot, I wanted to ask what of embroidery, house-making, and such occupations were her favorite?


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