Beautiful People - May

'Tis that beautiful time of the month again! (Beautiful...get it? For the Beautiful People link-up? Lamest pun ever, right?)


This month I've decided to do my character Dar Beauregard, from my space opera The Prince's Pendant (which is struggling desperately to become a trilogy). Because I haven't talked about Dar in quite some time, and that is simply a disgrace.

So! Without further ado! On to the questions!

How often does he smile? Would he smile at a stranger?

Dar smiles all the time. He's rather proud of his smile, as it's simply the most charming thing in the universe. (He would say that himself, jokingly; there are girls in the universe who would say it seriously.) He doesn't just smile when he's happy: he smiles when he's teasing, and when he's uncomfortable, and when he's trying to get someone to trust him.

Oh yes, he smiles at strangers - in fact, he probably smiles at strangers more than he does at anyone else. He likes to appear carefree and nonchalant at all times. It's part of his professional front - he wouldn't have ever become such a successful thief if it wasn't for his disarming mannerisms.

What is the cruelest thing he's ever been told? And what was his reaction?

Hmm, Dar hasn't been exposed to much cruelty in his life. Really his problem isn't that he's been treated badly, but that he's been spoiled rotten.

Probably the cruelest thing he's ever been told was from his little half-sister, Isabelle. She told him she hated him, stamped her foot, and ran away crying. He stared after her for a minute and felt terrible; but he couldn't spend too much time feeling sorry for himself, because he had some important spy-work to do. So he sighed and shrugged it off.

What is the kindest thing he's ever been told? And what was his reaction?

When he decided to do something truly brave and selfless for once, Timandra told him he was a hero. Coming from Timandra, that's a pretty serious compliment. He laughed and said he didn't feel like a hero, but really he appreciated her approval and encouragement.

What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting?

When he was twelve years old, he had an argument with his mother that culminated in his running away and joining his uncle's band of thieves. This was the start of his career as the most accomplished thief in the universe.

What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your character would benefit from reading?

Timandra would say, "Shakespeare!" But that's only because she thinks everyone would benefit from reading Shakespeare.

I would say "Orthodoxy, by G. K. Chesterton!" But that's only because I think everyone would benefit from reading Chesterton. Actually he might appreciate Mere Christianity more. Or maybe St. Augustine's Confessions. I think Dar would like reading books on philosophy and/or religion. He just seems like a thinker.

Speaking of G. K. Chesterton, he'd probably enjoy the Father Brown mysteries. He's a lot like the character Flambeau.

Has he ever been seriously injured? How severely? How did he react?

Being the world's most accomplished criminal is rather a dangerous job, so I'm sure  he's been injured tons of times. As far as I know the most serious injury he's ever sustained was getting knocked on the head during a sword-fight. He got dizzy and unsteady and his attempts at laughs came out as moans, but that was about it. Honestly everything Dar did or said in the last chapters of The Prince's Pendant was written in for comic relief.

Does he like and get along with his neighbors?

Eh, he doesn't really have neighbors. For a long time he lived on a forest-covered planet where literally no one but he and the other thieves in his gang lived. He got along with them pretty long as he was respected as the greatest thief in the world. When he didn't have their respect any more, things got ugly.

Now that he doesn't live there any more, the neighbors he brushes shoulders with most frequently are the friends he got to know in The Prince's Pendant. He gets along with them perfectly. Most of the time. Sometimes he'll do something so cock-sure and childish that it aggravates everyone else.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being easy and 10 being difficult) how easy is he to get along with?

One. Unless for some reason you dislike continual banter and feigned arrogance and affected gallantry. Or unless you're a Festerlonian agent who's up to no good, in which case you might want to steer clear of him.

Dar's got a pretty easy-going temper, and it's hard to get under his skin. Most annoying behavior rolls off his back, and if by chance he does get irked he usually responds with good-natured sarcasm.

If he could travel anywhere in the world, where would he go?

He kind of can travel anywhere in the world. So I don't know. People tend to take for granted blessings they already have. :)

Who was the last person he held hands with?

His little half-sister, Isabelle.

I hope you've enjoyed meeting Dar! Are you doing Beautiful People this month? Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world? (I would go to Rome.) Have you read Orthodoxy or Mere Christianity or Confessions? Or the Father Brown Mysteries?


  1. I HAVE read "Orthodoxy" AND all the Father Brown stories--and I really, really loved your Flambeau reference! Dear old Flambeau . . . he's an old friend of mine :-)

    1. Yay!!! Oh, yes, I love Flambeau. :) Gee, I really need to read the rest of those stories....

  2. Dar sounds like a really fun character! I'd like to read Mere Christianity, but I have read the Father Brown Mysteries, and one of my favorite quotes is from one of those stories.

    1. Thanks! :) Aren't the Father Brown stories excellent? Chesterton's a genius. :)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I love Dar! Nothing like a sarcastic and arrogant thief. In space, no less! I have read Mere Christianity, and absolutely loved it. Definitely on my list of books everyone should read. :)

    1. Thanks! He's fun to write. :) And you've read Mere Christianity! Hooray! Such a great book. :)

  4. I'd be very interested to see the origins of Dar from running away to becoming such a great thief. I also love that this is a space opera

    1. Thanks, Liselle! (To tell the truth, I'm not 100% sure what the origins are myself...but I'd certainly love to find out.)

  5. He sounds interesting! I haven't seen a BP with a space opera in a while. That's cool that he has a half sister. Do they get along better now? And a main character who's an antihero. That's fun. ^ ^ So funny you mentioned Mere Christianity, because I mentioned that book in my BP too! XD Good luck writing Dar!

    My BP:

    1. Thanks, Victoria! Oh, yes, Isabelle and Dar do get along much better now. The two of them are simply delightful to write.

      And I love your BP post!

  6. I love Dar!!! Wow, Timandra called him a hero? He must've done something really brave and selfless to get her approval. :)

    1. I love him, too. :)It certainly does take a bit of doing to get Tim's approval! Especially when their acquaintance began with him locking her in a closet...

  7. Oh, Dar, he is the best! I think that if everyone in that universe was as friendly as Mr. Beauregard, there wouldn't be any Festerlonian threat. ;)

  8. Also, I have read the Father Brown mysteries, and listened to part of Orthodoxy (my dad loves that book)

    1. Dar's such a happy amiable fellow, despite being a wanted criminal. At least...he appears to be a happy fellow... *knowing writer grin*

      The Father Brown mysteries and Orthodoxy are the best. :)


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