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Book Review - The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, by Kate DiCamillo

My poor blog! How I have neglected you! Here I am again, with good intentions to keep you updated on a semi-regular basis....

Hullo readers! (Assuming I have any readers left on the face of the earth.) Do you believe me when I say I have good intentions? Of course you do. You simply shouldn't believe that I will fulfill those good intentions, that's all...

Anywho. I wrote this book review a while ago (awhile? a while?) and thought I might as well post it before another day of procrastinating-blog-stuff went by. ;)

It wasn't a very smart idea to open the book, I knew. My list of books-halfway-read-and-waiting-to-be-finished was way too long already, and the last thing I wanted was to add to it. But I picked it up anyway.

A few hours later, when I put the book down for the last time that read, I had finished a miraculous journey of my own. For books are always miraculous, aren't they? Wh…

The Life She Chose - a short story

The pregnancy test was positive.
She leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes. Oh, this couldn't be. Not now, not yet. She was too young for a baby - far too young. Only 17. And a 17-year-old can't mother a child.
There was only one thing to do. She called an abortion clinic and made an appointment. And that was that. Everything was taken care of. In a few weeks, it would all be over, and no one would ever have to know.
She drove herself to the clinic. A short car trip, and a plain white building rose up before her, its sign proclaiming "Women's Center" in bright but faded letters.
She pulled in, parked her car, and walked through the door. But it wasn't an abortion clinic, the lady inside said - the lady with the gentle voice and soft sad smile. It wasn't an abortion clinic, but they could help her. Would she let them?
When she walked out of the center, a new hope had blossomed in her heart. She would not have an abortion; though she w…

Character Interview - Able

Time for Able's interview! I didn't get it up as soon as I wanted to, but oh well.
Me: Hey, Able! Ready to be interviewed?
Able: *smiling* I suppose so.
Me: Alright, then, I'll plunge right in. These questions are from Rosie and Andrea. Now, besides riding the griffin, what are some things you like to do with your sister?
Able: Oh, Ellen and I do lots of things together. One of my favorites is to sit with her in the evenings and read with her. I taught her to read, you know. She loves to look at the illuminated manuscripts from the library. And then, we love to go outside and spend time with the grass and the trees and the sky.
Me: Do you have a best friend besides your sister?
Able: There's a boy who works in the fields with me, named Gregory. We've known each other ever since I can remember. His family treats me like a son of their own.
Me: When do you wake up in the morning, and is it hard or easy for you to get up?
Able: I always get up at the crack of dawn, sometime…

Easter: the Fulfilment of Christmas

Happy Easter, everyone!

For Easter it is, and shall be for quite some time. The Octave of Easter lasts all week; and even after the octave is over, the Easter Season shall continue! The church is full of flowers, their cheerful colors and gentle fragrance lifting our minds to what is pure and holy; our hearts are full of joy, as we celebrate the truth that He is risen!

Isn't it fitting that Easter comes in the midst of spring? (Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, I suppose. Do forgive me for being so blindly poetic.) When all the world is bursting into blossom? For Easter is the springtime of hope, the dawn of a spiritual summer. It is the day when the winter of death is conquered once and for all. The grave no longer holds power; its frigid grasp cannot terrify the disciples of the never-ending Light and Warmth. Though the storms of life and death may rage around us, we know that at last the sunlight must break through the clouds and the springtime must succeed the winte…