Character Bio - Able

Well, it's taken me a bit longer to get this up than I was hoping, but here it is at long last! Able's bio. Do please ask him any questions you can think of, and I'll try to post an interview in roughly a week or so. I hope. ;)

Age: About 18 or 19

A hardworking, honorable boy with a sunny disposition, Able has always been more or less content with his life in Stonedon's castle. He doesn't like Stonedon, and knows that Stonedon doesn't like him; but since Stonedon has taken him in as half-son, half-servant, and provided him with the necessities of life as well as with a good education, he tries to show his gratitude by making the best of things. Always, Able strives for the ideals of honor and fealty which he has learned from his teacher and his friends.

For all his life, Able has lived a sort of double existence, spending half his waking hours in the fields and the rest as a nobleman. When he is not at lessons or at work, he spends his spare moments with his sister Ellen, whom he love with all his heart and pities for her discontent. The two can often be found riding Able's griffin, Pierce, in the lonely skies high about the windswept wildlands of Norsia.


  1. Able sounds very sweet :) Here are some questions for him!

    What are some things you like to do with your sister? (Besides riding the griffin)
    Do you have a best friend besides your sister?
    When do you wake up in the morning, and is it hard or easy for you to get up?
    If you ride a griffin, I'm guessing you're not afraid of heights. What are you afraid of?
    What's the last thing you do before you go to bed?

  2. Why does he have to work in the fields if he is a nobleman?
    Does he remember his parents?
    How did he learn to ride a griffin?


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