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Two linkups in a row - is that witness to my topsy-turvy blogging techniques or what? :)

This should be fun, and perfect for St. Valentine's Day - the Lovely Books linkup with Tracey Dyck.

Percy and Marguerite Blakeney (from The Scarlet Pimpernel, by Baroness Orczy)

I've ranted about how lovely they are in a previous blog post. The romance between them isn't just a romance: it's an allegory of Christ's love for His Church and for sinners!

 Percy. Is. So. Awesome. His humility, his courage, his daring, his bravery, his humility, his good looks, his sense of humor - and did I mention his humility?

 And Marguerite's pretty good too. Actually she's more than pretty good. She's dazzling.

Plus all the poetic romantic-ness!!

Brandon Vaughn and Joanie Collins (from Arms of Love, by Carmen Marcoux)

These dear characters are from the first (and only, really...) modern romance I ever read. While the book itself isn't the most well-written thing on earth, the story was very, very sweet.

Joanie is such a dear. The oldest in a homeschooled, Catholic family - I can relate to her, yes?

Plus Brandon - agh! Brandon. Characters in need of conversion are the best. And Brandon was soooo in need of conversion. It was delightful to see him turn around under Joanie's gentle influence.

Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot (from Persuasion, by Jane Austen)

This must be my favorite Jane Austen novel, because Wentworth and Anne are my favorite Jane Austen pair. Something about Captain Wentworth - his quiet chivalry and his unfailing respect to all about him, plus the fact that he's a military man (do I sound like Lydia and Kitty, or don't I?) - I don't know, I was more in love with him than I ever was with Darcy, as awesome as Darcy is. And Anne! Anne is the sweetest, dearest girl. (Fanny Price is darling too.) I just loved everything about each of them.

Gareth and Lynette (from Idylls of the King, by Alfred Lord Tennyson)...

They were so cute! Gareth was such a great character - respectful to his mother even when he disagreed with her, humble in the face of belittlement, meek to all his lady's jibes. And Lynette - well, she was just one of those spicy, spunky heroines who steals your heart and your sympathy.

...and Enid and Geraint (also from Idylls of the King)
Alright, so, Geraint was an idiot not to realize what a perfect gem of a wife he had in Enid. His unfounded jealousy was enough to make my blood boil. But, as a knight, he's really cool, and I can see why Enid fell in love with him.

As for Enid. Enid! That dear, poor, persecuted lady has to be my favorite wife in fiction. Her faithfulness to Geraint even when he thinks she's unfaithful to him....oh, oh, this was such a great romance founded on a heartbreaking misunderstanding. AND THE CLIMAX. The climax was the most glorious, wonderful, fantastic thing ever! My parents can't understand why I think it's so awesome that somebody gets his head lopped off. But - but - oh, just go read it. Read it right now. If you don't give a huge fist pump when that head goes rolling across the floor, either there's something wrong with you or there's something wrong with me. :)

Taran and Eilonwy (from The Chronicles of Prydain, by Lloyd Alexander)

Another really cute couple. Taran's wonderful as he progresses from a rash little boy to a heroic young man, and Eilonwy's wonderful as she progresses from an amusing little chatterbox to a clever young lady, without losing any of her spunk. The romance between them developed as naturally and sweetly as their own individual characters did. That scene at the climax of The Castle of Llyr - oh, it was so perfect. Taran's protectiveness towards Eilonwy even when he's annoyed with her is darling. And the way Eilonwy is always giving Taran a talking-to and telling him "you can do better than this" is a great reflection of how women are supposed to hold men to a high standard.

Faramir and Eowyn (from The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien)
Can it really be that hard to find non-movie pictures
of the characters? Well, there's no Faramir,
but here's Eowyn's moment of glory.

Faramir is my favorite LOTR character ever, not counting the members of the company. He's just so noble and honorable and chivalrous. The way his men look up to him and weep over him when he's wounded is a testimony to his true greatness. And his father's horrid spitefulness towards him is just so - oh, poor Faramir! Denethor, don't you realize what a great son you have?! Faramir's better than Boromir anyway!

And Eowyn is cool, no matter what my little siblings say. So I'm very happy that the two of them were paired. I love the way Eowyn left her dreams of glory in warfare for Faramir's sake. What is it she says? "I will no longer be a shield-maiden..."? It was a great quote, whatever it was. And she's happy after she marries him! Eowyn's greatest character flaw was that she was always sad, and Faramir fixed it for her. Another reason he's my hero. :)

Oh! And while we're on The Lord of the Rings, we must mention Sam and Rosie. Because they are darling. Even though there's only about five mentions of Rosie in the book, every mention of her is golden. :)

Hector and Andromache (from The Iliad, by Homer)

Mostly because of that sweet little scene where Hector says goodbye to his wife and Astyanax. Oh, I loved Hector so much. Why did Achilles have to kill him?? More to the point, why did Hector's dumb little brother have to go start a war???

I like to contrast Andromache's relationship with Hector to Aude's relationship with Roland in The Song of Roland (which I liked much better than the Iliad, by the by). Aude is a Christian and has the hope of the resurrection of the body to sustain her when she hears that her fiancé, Roland, was killed in battle - yet what does she do? She falls down and dies of grief. Andromache, on the other hand, is a pagan who has no hope in an afterlife better than a shadowy sort of underworld; yet when she hears that Hector, her husband and her sole source of safety and sustenance, was killed, she only swoons. Who has a more mature relationship, I ask? :)

And while we're on Homer's compositions, Penelope and Odysseus are pretty good. Odysseus, like all the Greek husbands, didn't exactly have that Christian idea of fidelity down, but even so, he does spend ten years trying to get back to her. Penelope, on the other hand, was a staunchly faithful wife, and I admire her for it. :)

Petruchio and Kate (from The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare)

Best for last. (Okay, maybe they can't compete with Marguerite and Percy...) While the boisterous hero and shrewish heroine of Shakespeare's topsy-turvy comedy might not come off as "sweet" at first glance, there's something incredibly tender in Petruchio's treatment of Kate by the end of the play.

Petruchio's loud and coarse and vulgar - or is he just making himself seem that way in order to win Kate? And Kate is a rebellious, wild girl who has no manners and no sense of decency - or is she just a bitter victim of favoritism waiting for someone to call her beautiful?

There aren't any balcony scenes or romantic soliloquies in this one, but Petruchio and Kate end up as a much happier couple than Romeo and Juliet. :)


  1. Petruchio and Kate! I love Taming of the Shrew! :D And Brandon from Arms of Love is an awesome character, even though I'm not a big fan of the writing in that book. I've never read Persuasion...Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice are the only Jane Austen books I've ever read the whole way through.

    1. Kate and Petruchio! They're awesome! And Brandon is awesome too. :)I haven't read Arms of Love since getting picky about writing, but I'm sure I'd agree if I read it again. :)
      *gasp* Andrea! You've never read Persuasion! Or Mansfield Park! You must! Right away! Well, I guess I haven't read Sense and Sensibility, so we're even. :)

    2. I think I tried Mansfield Park, and I got pretty far into it before deciding that it didn't hold my interest. :) But I've never read Persuasion. I might have tried to watch the movie, but I know that doesn't really count.

  2. Oh dear, is it terrible that the only couples here that I'm familiar with are Faramir/Eowyn and Sam/Rosie? From your descriptions, though, I can see why you love each pair you mentioned! ^_^

    Speaking of Lord of the Rings, I'm watching it for the first time!!! I had to see it in three sittings due to family activities going on this weekend, but my brother and I are finishing it tonight. You're so right about Sam and Rosie! I don't remember what was mentioned in the book, but they are ADORABLE in the movie.

    Thanks so much for joining in with Lovely Books! :D

    1. 'Tisn't terrible at all!

      I haven't seen The Lord of the Rings in a very long time. I really should watch it again! And read it again, for that matter. :) Watching it with your brother - that sounds so fun! My siblings and I used to get up really early in the morning so we could watch it, scary parts and all, while the youngest siblings were asleep. :)

      Thank you for hosting this! And for commenting, too. :)

    2. They're so re-watchable! (Totally a word. XD) Even though I haven't even finished one, I feel like I can give them all a giant stamp of approval. Aw, that's so cool how you'd wake up early to watch them. I remember having to wait for my sisters to be napping in order to watch "big kid movies" with my brother. :)

      My pleasure!

      Oh, I forgot to mention that I've been wanting to read The Chronicles of Prydain. I hear from Deborah (Road of a Writer blog) that they're really good.

    3. Ooh, yes, you must read The Chronicles of Prydain! They're quite wonderful, although they can be heart-breakingly (that's totally a word, too)sad. :)


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