Truth Shall Triumph - a Poem

I don't think I've posted this poem before...have I? :) Anyway, I wrote it awhile ago, and thought it was appropriate in wake of the March for Life on January 22. Besides, I'm tired of posting book reviews....
Truth Shall Triumph

We live in a world that is crawling with lies -
White creeping maggots, that blind our eyes
By blocking our vision and making us see
The world as the devil wants it to be;
They nibble away at our minds and our flesh,
Until only pitiful matter is left.
Yet still the Truth, with her blazing sword,
Mounts the skies on her vivid wings,
And shines with glory, reflecting the Word
Who lights up even the darkest things.
Her bright sword glaring burns weak eyes;
Yet the only thing she harms are lies.


  1. Okay, to quote Lego Movie..... "Awe-awesome!!!!!!!" :)


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