The Year of Grace 2016

The Year of Our Lord 2016 is upon us! Happy New Year, everybody!

'Tis also still the Christmas season. And since I haven't yet gotten around to doing anything Christmasy on this little blog of mine, merry Christmas! I shall copy and paste my latest Christmas poem at the end of this post.

So, traditionally, it's time for New Year's Resolutions. My resolutions are usually more like good intentions...they don't lead where I'd really like them to. But that shouldn't stop me from making them, right?

Did I fulfil last year's New Year's resolution? Umm....teehee, no. I'd wanted to read the entire Bible, front to back. I regret to say that didn't happen. BUT, I did read a lot more of the Bible than I would have if I hadn't made that resolution. So. It must've done some good. Therefore I shall make more resolutions this year.

What would I like to get done this year? Lots! Let's see. I would like to...

1. Read the Bible. Not front to cover the way I planned to do last year. But maybe I could get into the habit of reading a little every day, in the morning and at night. That would be extremely rewarding, and probably do more good than an I'm-gonna-get-this-done-if-it-kills-me attitude.

2. Spend more time with my family doing the little girl things (and the big girl things) I haven't made time for - paper doll games, checker games, chores, reading out loud, sewing, that kind of thing. I don't want to leave home without making lots of fun memories. :)

3. Finish writing something! I would absolutely love to knuckle down and write a good book for once. Something I can really be proud of. Something polished up and neat and sparkly clean. Something with interesting characters, a unique setting, lovely prose, and an original, interesting plot. I've got a couple of ideas for this mystery book, but - sigh. That's just the problem. I've got too many ideas, and don't know which to focus on. I still want to work on that space trilogy of mine, if only for my siblings' sake, but what I really have a hankering to get into is historical fiction. And I also have a really fun, tantalizing start on a little fantasy.... So we will see what happens.

4. This blog! Really not a top priority, as evidenced by my sketchy posts. :) But. It would be very fun to actually get it rolling. I have big plans, my dear people - plans for book reports and writing-related ramblings and maybe some ranting against the evils in this world. Random stuff like that. :)

Okay. I've got other plans and hopes and ambitions, but I'd better stop there. Despite the fact that four is an even number and I don't like ending things on even numbers. I feel it leaves a loose end. (I suppose that's just a weird idiosyncrasy of mine.)

Now! Here is that Christmas poem I promised....if I can find it...ah! Here we are. Oh dear. Reading this over I find the meter a bit off at places. One of my pet peeves when it comes to poetry. Oh well. Here it is anyway. :)

To the Lord who Makes Himself Little

When you came to mankind, Jesus,
In the far-off days of old,
You were born, a tiny baby,
In a stable dark and cold.

You did not ask for silken pillows,
Monarch though you were,
Nor throne, nor crown of beaten gold,
Nor coat of ermine's fur.

Nay, oxen's straw contented thee;
And when the shepherds came,
You let them draw quite near your heart,
Those men without money or fame.

When you come to mankind, Jesus,
In these days of modern times,
You come in the guise of bread and wine,
At a priest's word, amid tinkling chimes.

Even humbler than your coming then
Is your daily coming now;
Sinners surround you and draw close,
As did the donkey and the cow.

Oh, Jesus! Like the shepherds,
May I humble but unafraid be;
My soul is poor, like the stable,
But still you come to me.

You come to mankind, Jesus,
And with us you'll always stay;
As the Child in the manger long ago;
As the Lord in the Host today.
Isn't He adorable??? The Latin phrase in the picture puzzled me at first. It means, "The Child Jesus in the Manger."


Oh! And because it is also the feast day of Mary, Mother of God, here is a picture of Our Lady with the Child Jesus. :)


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