Gareth Interview

Time for Gareth's interview! (What's that? It's about time? Nonsense, it hasn't been a long time at's still the same month I posted the bio, anyway....haha, yeah, it's been a long time.) Here goes. I talk in black. Gareth talks in green.

Hey, Gareth. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Uh-uh. I'm just on my way out to feed the chickens, so I don't mind.

Why do you want to be a knight so much?

Well, who wouldn't want to be a knight? They're brave and noble and strong and heroic, and they get to do so many great and valorous things! It's much better than sitting at home doing chores or milking a cow. *grimaces*

How old are you?

Fifteen. I think that's old enough to be a knight, don't you? Gawain was already a squire in King Arthur's service at my age. So was Mordred.

What kind of adventures do you hope to have?

Why, great and glorious ones, of course. Like the ones Gawain talks about. I want to fight ogres and slay dragons and outsmart giants - though I guess that's not saying much - and go on quests for enchanted treasure and protect all that is right and good and rescue fair maidens from certain death.

What are you best at?

Uh - I'm pretty good at swordplay. At least, Gawain says I am. And he wouldn't lie. I'm good with horses, too.

Why won't your mother let you become a knight?

*shrugs* I've been asking that same question for the last three years. I guess it's because she'd miss me if I was gone. I'm the last son she has at home, you know. She doesn't have anyone else to keep her company or do the chores or help take care of Father. I guess I can't blame her. But...gee, she could find some way to get along without me! Maybe I should just stop doing chores and then she won't mind having me gone...

How long have you wanted to be a knight?

Ever since I can remember. I've been surrounded by knights and knighthood for all my life. There's Gawain - Gawain's one of the greatest knights of the Round Table, almost as good as Lancelot himself. And Mordred - Mordred's not much to speak of, but at least he's a knight. Even Father was a knight, a long time ago. And - well, King Arthur's my uncle. Practically every man in my family has been a knight. *under his breath* Sometimes I think Mother's using me as the daughter she's never had.

What's your least favorite chore?

*grimaces* Dishes. All the other ones are pretty bad, too, but dishes are the worst.

Alright, Gareth, that'll be all. You can go do your chores now.

Now that you've met Gareth, I've got big news: I have started work on my next book in that silly space series of mine, the sequel to The Prince's Pendant. And I am very excited about it. :) For the next interview, I am going to temporarily change the government of this blog and make it into a dictatorship rather than a democracy. In other words - I'm deciding who the next interview subject will be. :) And...I think I will keep that little bit of information a secret until I post the next bio. :)


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