Christina's Interview

Here is my interview of my character Christina Tenth. (News flash: on September 30, I finished my beloved scatterbrained concoction of a book, The Prince's Pendant! It's over 250 pages long, illustrated with pictures from some dear younger siblings, and very, very messy. I'm ecstatic.) Enjoy!

*setting: a dingy little shop, illuminated by one weak light bulb, and smelling of polished metal and oily rags. I stand in one corner, looking about awkwardly. Enter Christina, her hands on her hips, her face smeared with black, and wisps of her red hair, having escaped from her pony tail, hanging loosely about her face. I walk forward to greet her.*

Me: Christina! Thank you for taking the time to see me. I -

Christina: I don't have much time. What do you want?

Me: *smiles uncomfortably* The interview?

Christina: Oh. Yeah. Well, go ahead and hurry up, the shop's busy as anything today.

Me: Alright, I'll try. How many people are in your family?

Christina: Seven. My mom, my dad, my four older brothers, and me.

Me: Okay....what's your dream?

Christina: *crosses arms and raises one eyebrow* My dream?

Me: Yeah, you know....what you want to do with your life.

Christina: This is even more ridiculous than I thought.

Me: Can you just answer the question?

Christina: Don't have one. Dreams are for people with time on their hands. I don't dream, I work.

Me: What's your greatest fear?

Christina: *sighs, rolls eyes* That Dad'll come in and catch me slacking work to talk to some strange girl asking impractical questions. Can we get on with it?

Me: Uh...who do you admire most?

Christina: Anyone who can look at a flier, tell you what's wrong with it, and fix it in nothin' flat.

Me: *under my breath* Boy, have we got fliers on the brain....

Christina: It's easy to have them on the brain when that's all you see day after day. What's the next question?

Me: Do you have a secret talent?

Christina: *tosses head proudly, then glances around. Leans forward and says in a low voice:* I can sing.

Me: Really? *Christina nods, with something like a smile* Interesting...ah, how perfect. The next question is: do you like music?

Christina: *shrugs* I don't have anything against it. 'Course, the boys don't like it while they're working, so I don't hear much of it.

Me: Do you like animals?

Christina: I guess. Don't see too many of them in the city.

Me: What's your life goal?

Christina: *shrugs* Work in the shop and be useful.

Me: When did you first start helping in the family business?

Christina: I've been helping out in the shop as long as I can remember. I think I knew the parts of an engine before I knew my ABCs.

Me: Did you ever want to do anything else for a career?

Christina: No.

Me: You sure about that?

Christina: *brow wrinkles in either annoyance or confusion* Look, why do you want to know all this?

Me:'s kinda...hard to explain.....

Voice (from the other room of the shop): Christina!

Christina: That's Dad. I've gotta go. *strides out of the room*

Okay, so there's Christina! I hope you've enjoyed meeting her. :)

Since I've finished writing this book and am going to take a break from these characters for a while, I think I'll give you a new choice of people to vote for. Hmm....this is going to be a little tricky, since I'm stealing these characters from Arthurian legend!

For the next bio, you may vote for:
Gareth (protagonist)
 Bellicent (his mother)
Gawain (his brother)


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