Alphonse's Interview

Here's Alphonse's interview. I talk in blue. Alphonse talks in red. It's taken me an incredibly long time to post this one, but I've come up with a brilliant excuse: the prince is a very busy person, and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to schedule an appointment with him.

Thanks for letting me interview you, your highness. Although, I suppose you're used to such things by now, aren't you?

*laughs* I suppose. What is it you wanted to ask me?

Well, first of all - Pippin asks what your talent is.

Heavens, I don't know if I ever thought about that extensively. *thinks for a moment* There are many things I take pleasure in, but of course, each hobby is not necessarily a talent. I enjoy fencing, hunting, horsemanship, archery, swimming, hiking, exploring, and the like.  *pauses, then shrugs* I suppose I'm most skilled in horsemanship.

What is your favorite color?

How is one to choose? *sighs* Each hue of the rainbow has its own place in creation. The smooth blue sky stretching over the landscape, cluttered with pillows of white cloud...the deep living green of the forest, tempered with somber browns and blacks...the cheerful reds and yellows of flowers dancing in the breeze. No, I couldn't possibly have one favorite color.

*smiles* That's the most poetic answer to that question I've ever heard. What's your greatest fear?

Greatest fear....*falls silent, biting lip* I suppose...well, I'm afraid that the Festerlonians might attempt something dreadful. They never used to worry me; but as I grow older and they grow stronger, I can see more and more that Father is troubled. You can read it in the lines of his face and in the far-off expression of his eyes at times. It would be a terrible thing if they ever set about conquering the world in earnest. I don't see how they really could, while we are so strong...but they have surely not been idle in the years since their last defeat. Stranger things have happened than a rising of an empire from its ashes. We must hope and pray that they remain quiet.

Jordan H wants to know if you ever wish for brothers and sisters.

*a soft smile* I don't know. I suppose I'm happy enough. If I had needed siblings, God certainly would have given me some. There are times, though, when Mother looks at me with that wistful expression in her eyes, and makes me feel almost guilty for being away so much. Then I do wish that I had a sister, to keep her company whenever I'm out on an adventure in the mountains or on a trip with Father.

Do you like animals?

*grins* Oh, do I! Most certainly. Especially horses. There's little I prize more than my stallion, Deneb. There are times that creature seems as intelligent as a man, strange as it may sound.

What's your favorite time of the day?

Very early morning, just as dawn is waking the world from its slumber. How perfectly lovely are those last moments of the night, when all, though dark and cold, is touched by a certain hope of morning. The birds are the first to feel it, and their songs bless the silent world into wakefulness. There is wakefulness in the forest if there isn't in the palace. All the trees seem to be standing straighter in an expectant hush. That gray, still glow steals over the world. Brighter it grows, and brighter - the birds' songs grow to an ever-present twittering - and then, the sun appears! that globe of brilliant light peering over the trees, climbing over the world - oh, and then everything is light, and cool, and fresh, and utterly, utterly new. There is no more glorious time than that of early morning!

Wow. Maybe I should climb up into the mountains one day before dawn....if I could make myself wake up. John G says, "Do you like being prince?"

Do I like it? *smiles* I've never known different. Yes, I suppose I do like it. I would be a pig to complain; my life is so easy I almost feel guilty. So many others are less fortunate than I. Of course, that's one of the nice things about being the prince - you get to help people. Last summer, I took in a little orphan boy from the streets, to let him live in the palace for awhile. I wanted him to stay forever, but...*deep sigh* It didn't work out the way I wanted.

Amy D asks if you like the fall.

*grins* Oh, 'tis glorious! There are few things more beautiful than the mountains around the palace in the fall.  It's one of my favorite times to go hiking. The vibrant trees all aflame with color, the crisp fresh breezes, the exhilarating bite in the air - oh! It makes me want to go up there right now, and never come down.

Gi wants to know if you're afraid of heights - although, in light of all your praise of the mountains, I rather think I can guess the answer.

*laughs* I should think so! No, I'm not afraid of heights. I love to be up high. The nearer the stars, the better.

Well, that will be all, your highness. Thank you very much for the honor of an interview.

So, there's Alphonse. Our next candidates are:
Eldon Clemmons
Jude Clemmons
Christina Tenth 





  1. Christina Tenth!!!!
    Hmm...I don't think I've ever heard this name before, though.

  2. She might be new to you. She's a mechanic without whom my characters would be lost. :)


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