St. Clare

Today was the feast day of St. Clare of Assisi! This lovely young maiden gave up all her wealth at a very young age to give herself entirely to Christ. She ran away from her home in the dead of night to join St. Francis in his life of poverty, chastity, and complete devotion to God.
A story is told that one day St. Clare's convent (the house where she lived with her congregation of Poor Clare sisters) was threatened by the attack of Saracen soldiers. It was feared that they would take the town and cause great destruction and suffering. In a time when others might have given in to fear and despair, St. Clare had faith in God. She went right to Jesus truly present in the Eucharist. When she held the Blessed Sacrament out over the enemy horde, the attacking army was thrown into confusion and fled in disarray!

Today as we honor St. Clare, let us remember to always have a great devotion to Jesus in the Tabernacle. He's always with us, just as he was with St. Clare.


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