Dar's Interview

Here's Dar's interview. I talk in black this time, Dar talks in blue.

Why, hello, Dar! Come on in, I promise I don't have any policemen hiding in the building.
*grins* You sure about that?
Of course I am. Don't you trust me?
Well, not exactly. But that doesn't matter. I'd rather enjoy a challenge. *walks into room, sits easily down in chair* You were going to interrogate me, Mademoiselle?
Interrogate? Oh, no. Merely interview you. Now, Clare wants to know what the most valuable thing you've ever stolen is.
*whistles* Good question. I suppose, to date, that would be my robbery of the Interplanetary Solar Bank. At least, that was the biggest job. All over the news for weeks, you know. I was quite the popular fellow. But I will hint to you that a much bigger job is coming up in just a few weeks. *grins* Just wait for the headlines then.
Oh dear. Jordan H asks, "Do you remember your father?"
John (G) says, "If you had one wish, what would it be?"
One wish? Why, my dear John G, I don't need to have one wish. My destiny is in my own hands. And I would say I've done a pretty good job becoming everything I ever wanted to be.
Bob has two questions for you. First, do you have a lover?
A lover? *smiles* No. Not that I couldn't have one if I wanted one. The girls simply adore me, you know. But I have no use for them. They're all - silly. It is kinda fun to see them swoon, though.
Bob also wants to know your favorite thing to do.

Huh. Not sure. I suppose I spend most of my spare time playing cards or brushing up on my shooting.

Pippin asks what your greatest fear is.

My greatest fear. Hmm. *bites lip thoughtfully* Honestly, I suppose I'm afraid of - well, being a failure. Letting everyone down. Not being the super-criminal everyone expects me to be.

Okay, another one from Pippin: Do you like pink fuzzy socks?

Pink fuzzy socks? *laughs* It depends who's wearing them. We're not allowed to wear pink fuzzy socks around the hideout.

The rest of the questions are from Andrea. Did you ever regret stealing something?

Regret it? Why should I? I have my living to make. And anyway, it's not like my stealing hurts anyone. I only take what people won't miss.

*raises eyebrow* Really? Like the millions of dollars from the Interplanetary Solar Bank?

Tut, tut, now, mademoiselle. 'Twas all mere chattel.

*sigh* I'm not going to argue with you. That's Timandra's job. What's the first thing you ever stole?

Well, Dow had me practice on Mom quite a bit way back when. Ha, I snatched her coffee mug when she wasn't looking, sneaked a necklace from her jewelry box, and even swiped her wallet right from under her nose. You should've seen her face!

Two more. Do you always want to be a thief? Have you ever dreamed of being something else?

Well, I always wanted to do something really cool. You know, something action-packed and exciting that would get me lots of attention. I might've tossed other ideas around when I was just a kid, but once Dow suggested being a thief to me, that was all I wanted to do. I was good at it, it was fun, and I've never thought of anything else. *cocks head* I suppose I always will be a thief. I never thought about it that way before, but I guess I'm done dreaming. I've reached the top. Where could I go now?

Alright, Dar, that'll be all. Thanks!

The candidates for the next character introduction are:
Eldon Clemmons, protagonist
Raphael Novarex, Erdanian soldier
Alphonse Salvadoro, Prince of Erdania



  1. Do the prince guy!

  2. Alphonse Salvadoro!!

  3. Does your book take place in France?
    I vote for Eldon next

    1. Good question. Actually, it doesn't take place in France; parts of it happen on Earth, but I'm pretty sure those are in Italy. Dar just uses French phrases because he thinks they sound elegant. :)
      (Maybe he is from France. I never thought about it that much. Oh well.) :)


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