Dar's Bio

     Dar Beauregard (age 20) is a universally-famous thief, commonly hailed as the most talented criminal in the galaxy. He was born into a rather shabby family, both materially and spiritually speaking; his mother married his father as much as for good looks and charm as for anything else. Dar was only a toddler when his father was killed, under suspicious circumstances, while on a "business trip" with his brother-in-law. After this incident, the closest thing to a father-figure in Dar's life was the very same uncle who had been present at his father's death - his mother's brother, Dow. This uncle was always popping in and out during Dar's early years, usually with some delightful present for the child and always with a fascinating story to tell. Not surprisingly, he became a sort of hero in Dar's eyes. When Dar was about seven, the loosely-guarded secret came out that Dow was not a respectable businessman but a thief, the head of a sprouting outlaw band. As time went on, Dow recognized signs of promise in his nephew and pressed him to consider a career as a thief. This did not sound at all unappealing to Dar, and he began to play lightly with the idea until it quite overcame him. An argument with his mother when he was 12 tipped the balance. He ran off to join his uncle's gang, and, by the time he was 20, had won all the infamy and glory a single outlaw can hope to win.
     With a light, dramatic, and charming character, Dar is not at all a cruel man. On the contrary, he likes to think he has a lot of chivalry about him. In regards to the guidelines of morality he has made for himself, he is irreproachable.

Go ahead and post any questions you have for Dar.


  1. What's the most valuable thing you've ever stolen?

  2. Do you remember your father?

  3. If you had one wish what would it be?

  4. Do you have a lover? What's your favorite thing to do?

  5. Did he ever regret stealing something?
    What's the first thing he stole?
    Does he always want to be a thief?
    Has he ever dreamed of being something else?

  6. What's his greatest fear?
    Does he like pink fuzzy socks?


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