Alphonse's Bio

As the Prince of Erdania, nineteen-year-old Alphonse Salvadoro has never wanted for much of anything. His childhood was a peerlessly happy one - his parents doted upon without spoiling him, his education was the best the universe had to offer, and as for material goods, he had only to ask for something and it was his. Yet for all this, the young boy was never spoiled; on the contrary, his sweet and selfless nature often earned him the nick-name of "angel" or "saint". On his tenth birthday, Alphonse was given the treasure which would remain ever after his most prized possession: the Prince's Pendant. Whoever wears this is the one and only Prince of Erdania; should he wish to name his heir, he should only have to give the chosen man the Pendant, and there would be a new Prince. Though he is incredibly sweet and affectionate, no one can truthfully call Alphonse a weakling; he is lively and adventurous, and loves nothing more than to spend days exploring the wilderness about the palace in the company of his horse, Deneb.
So that's Alphonse. Once I have some questions for him, I'll post his interview. :)


  1. What's his talent?
    What's his favorite color?
    What's his greatest fear?

  2. Does he wish he had brothers and sisters?
    Does he like animals?
    What's his favorite time of day?

  3. Do you like being prince?

  4. Does he like the fall ?.


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