Ada's Interview

Hey, Ada. Thanks for letting me interview you.

Oh, it's no trouble. I don't mind.

Alright, so, the first question is - what are you scared of?

*blushes* Scared of? *giggles* Lots of things. Fire...and wars...and people...Jude...and Dar...and myself. And Strike. Strike is the most terrifying person I've ever met in my whole life. *shivers*

What's your favorite thing on earth?

*confused* Earth? You mean Erda?

In the whole world.

Oh. *pauses, laughs* Yikes, that's a kinda broad question. Mm...can I just say friends? I like friends. *smiles* I don't know what I'd do without them.

What's your favorite thing to do?

Write poetry.

What's your favorite color?

Light blue. Or pink. I guess light blue.

What's your happiest memory?

My memories of my parents. *smiles sadly* It was so nice living where we did, down in that little wood, in that little cottage. Everything was so green and woodsy. There was a stream running through there, and this tree with a low branch that worked like a bench, and we would sit there, and sometimes Father would push me on a little wood swing - and Mother would read to me under the shade of the branches. And there was a little dog. Oh, it's so nice to think how sweet and simple everything was then, with the bees buzzing their little songs and the birds twiddling their music...*voice breaks off; she wipes away a tear and laughs* I guess - I guess even my happiest memories make me sad.

What's your favorite season?

I like them all. There's nothing like a still white snowfall to me - it's perfectly magical. But winter's not always perfect that way - if it was all that perfect, it wouldn't seem quite as perfect when it was perfect; I like the loveliness shining through hard cold things. But I still don't like the dreary part. So I guess I like spring best.

How about your favorite song?

Oh. I don't know if I ever thought about it before. I like a lot of songs. Especially sweet sad ones, like Nelly in the Hazel Dell and Loch Lomond.

And your favorite book?

I like the Narnia books. They're so happy and sweet and innocent; they remind me of the fairy tales Mother used to tell me.

Who do you admire?

*grins* Timandra. I wish I could be as cheerful and brave as she is all the time.

Alright, Ada, that'll do it. Thanks so much!

You're welcome!

I hope you've enjoyed meeting Ada. For the next character, I'll be taking votes from the following three:
Eldon Clemmons
Jude Clemmons
Dar Beauregard



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