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Cast Yourself Upon God, and Have No Fear

Today is the feast day of St. Augustine! He happens to be one of my favorite saints. I had to read his Confessions my freshman year of high school, and while I can't say I loved it while I was working through it that time, I revisited it the next summer and found it a gem of spiritual reading.
My favorite scene in the book (which is the story of Augustine's search for God) is that of his conversion. At this point, he knows Catholicism is the truth and believes it is the key to true happiness; however, he also knows that embracing this truth and turning back to God means leaving behind all his sinful habits. And this sacrifice seems to big for him. He can't imagine living without the evils that have become so sweet in his eyes. In anguish, he runs out into a secluded garden to fight out this struggle on his own. During this grappling between sin and grace, he has an extremely interesting vision.

He sees the virtue of Continence standing and beckoning to him - smiling, enco…

Alphonse's Bio

As the Prince of Erdania, nineteen-year-old Alphonse Salvadoro has never wanted for much of anything. His childhood was a peerlessly happy one - his parents doted upon without spoiling him, his education was the best the universe had to offer, and as for material goods, he had only to ask for something and it was his. Yet for all this, the young boy was never spoiled; on the contrary, his sweet and selfless nature often earned him the nick-name of "angel" or "saint". On his tenth birthday, Alphonse was given the treasure which would remain ever after his most prized possession: the Prince's Pendant. Whoever wears this is the one and only Prince of Erdania; should he wish to name his heir, he should only have to give the chosen man the Pendant, and there would be a new Prince. Though he is incredibly sweet and affectionate, no one can truthfully call Alphonse a weakling; he is lively and adventurous, and loves nothing more than to spend days exploring the wilder…

The Greatest Achievement

Do you want to do something great?
Do you want to be everything God wants you to be?
Do you want to fulfil your purpose in every possible way?

I do. But until yesterday, life just seemed so complicated, so tiring, so frivolous at times, that I didn't know where to start. And then I realized everything is much simpler than it seems on the surface.

There is only one thing that really matters in the end, and that is love.

To love is the greatest thing anyone can ever do. Nothing we can achieve will ever be more important, nothing we can give our lives to will ever be more crucial. It was love which motivated God to create the world, love which brought Him to earth as a helpless babe, love which gave Him the desire to bleed and suffer and die for us. It is in loving that we are most like God, for God is Love.

Can there be any greater goal, then, than the pursuit of that quality which most correctly sums up all the attributes of our Creator? Love is the wellspring of all other virtue…

Dar's Interview

Here's Dar's interview. I talk in black this time, Dar talks in blue.

Why, hello, Dar! Come on in, I promise I don't have any policemen hiding in the building. *grins* You sure about that? Of course I am. Don't you trust me? Well, not exactly. But that doesn't matter. I'd rather enjoy a challenge. *walks into room, sits easily down in chair* You were going to interrogate me, Mademoiselle? Interrogate? Oh, no. Merely interview you. Now, Clare wants to know what the most valuable thing you've ever stolen is. *whistles* Good question. I suppose, to date, that would be my robbery of the Interplanetary Solar Bank. At least, that was the biggest job. All over the news for weeks, you know. I was quite the popular fellow. But I will hint to you that a much bigger job is coming up in just a few weeks. *grins* Just wait for the headlines then. Oh dear. Jordan H asks, "Do you remember your father?" Nope. John (G) says, "If you had one wish, what would it be?&quo…

St. Clare

Today was the feast day of St. Clare of Assisi! This lovely young maiden gave up all her wealth at a very young age to give herself entirely to Christ. She ran away from her home in the dead of night to join St. Francis in his life of poverty, chastity, and complete devotion to God.
A story is told that one day St. Clare's convent (the house where she lived with her congregation of Poor Clare sisters) was threatened by the attack of Saracen soldiers. It was feared that they would take the town and cause great destruction and suffering. In a time when others might have given in to fear and despair, St. Clare had faith in God. She went right to Jesus truly present in the Eucharist. When she held the Blessed Sacrament out over the enemy horde, the attacking army was thrown into confusion and fled in disarray!

Today as we honor St. Clare, let us remember to always have a great devotion to Jesus in the Tabernacle. He's always with us, just as he was with St. Clare.

Dar's Bio

Dar Beauregard (age 20) is a universally-famous thief, commonly hailed as the most talented criminal in the galaxy. He was born into a rather shabby family, both materially and spiritually speaking; his mother married his father as much as for good looks and charm as for anything else. Dar was only a toddler when his father was killed, under suspicious circumstances, while on a "business trip" with his brother-in-law. After this incident, the closest thing to a father-figure in Dar's life was the very same uncle who had been present at his father's death - his mother's brother, Dow. This uncle was always popping in and out during Dar's early years, usually with some delightful present for the child and always with a fascinating story to tell. Not surprisingly, he became a sort of hero in Dar's eyes. When Dar was about seven, the loosely-guarded secret came out that Dow was not a respectable businessman but a thief, the head of a sprouting outlaw band…

August - A Poem

This is a poem I wrote last August lamenting the world's tendency to rush through the end of summer. :) Enjoy!

I feel sorry for August, because Summer’s end
Just happens to happen when it ends; and then
It’s back to school, and fall, and cold -
Yet that’s only after August is old!
Then why, as soon as July is done,
Does everyone gloss over August’s fun?
It seems there’s a page missing in the calendar today,
For where I read “August 1” – “Oh! It’s back to school!” they say.
But August is its very own month, with as many days as July,
And it has 31 days to offer us before the honkers fly.
It is a month of golden days and skies as blue as sea,
Of Queen Anne’s lace and goldenrod and sapphire chickaree.
The thistles just begin to bloom, the gold wildflowers grow,
The clouds are piled up like lovely mountains of white snow.
The glad green trees, scorched by the sun, are patched with yellow leaves,
And the corn looks like it’s ready to be gathered into sheaves.
The locusts raucously make t…


Well, I have done a post on chickens before, and I think it's about time I devoted a little bit of time to one of my other slightly unlikely favorites - honeybees.
 I am perfectly fascinated by these little creatures. Granted, I don't exactly like to be stung by them. But besides their barbed stinger and painful poison sac, there are a thousand things to know about bees that are simply a testament to God's great wisdom as shown by the beauty and order of His creation.

 Perhaps the most intriguing things about honeybees is the way they order their hive. They have a whole little government going! First of all, there's the queen. You can tell her apart from all the other bees because she is longer and slenderer than any of the other ones. As her delightful name suggests, she is the most influential member of the colony. She is the only bee in the entire hive who can lay eggs, and lay eggs she does - hundreds of them. She's basically in charge of keeping the entire…

Ada's Interview

Hey, Ada. Thanks for letting me interview you.

Oh, it's no trouble. I don't mind.

Alright, so, the first question is - what are you scared of?

*blushes* Scared of? *giggles* Lots of things. Fire...and wars...and people...Jude...and Dar...and myself. And Strike. Strike is the most terrifying person I've ever met in my whole life. *shivers*

What's your favorite thing on earth?

*confused* Earth? You mean Erda?

In the whole world.

Oh. *pauses, laughs* Yikes, that's a kinda broad question. Mm...can I just say friends? I like friends. *smiles* I don't know what I'd do without them.

What's your favorite thing to do?

Write poetry.

What's your favorite color?

Light blue. Or pink. I guess light blue.

What's your happiest memory?

My memories of my parents. *smiles sadly* It was so nice living where we did, down in that little wood, in that little cottage. Everything was so green and woodsy. There was a stream running through there, and this tree with a low branch tha…