The Prince's Pendant

     As some or all of you know, one of my favorite (and practically only) hobbies is writing. Snatches of poetry, half-finished short stories, and the confidant first pages of novels doomed never to be finished - I revel in it all. Currently, my biggest project is an action-packed space adventure set in 9000 AD. I've promised my siblings it'll turn out to be a trilogy...but we'll see how far that gets. :) Although I've messed around with several titles, I still haven't settled on one; for right now, I'm calling it The Prince's Pendant. Here's an introduction to the story world and plot.

     The Festerlonian Empire has been trying for years to conquer the universe - and, to all appearances, she should be able to. With excellent weapons, a committed army, and military leaders who could stand alongside Alexander the Great, Festerlon is in a prime position to dominate the world. Only one thing stands in its way: the Erdanian Empire.
     Erdania is the "mother" of all the kingdoms in the universe, for it is within her boundaries that civilization began to take root and it is back to her that every man can trace his history. Thousands of years older than any of her sister kingdoms, she is so advanced, wealthy, and well-organized that she would be able to crush Festerlon under her little toe if she had a mind. Fortunately, she hasn't a mind to crush anyone. She uses her power only for protection, and it is she who guards all the littler and weaker kingdoms from Festerlon's threats. Seethe as it might, Festerlon dare not raise its hand against the most powerful empire in the universe.
     That is, until now. At long last, the brilliant strategists and fanatic patriots of Festerlon have come up with a desperate plan. It is radical, but it will work. It must work. If it does not, all Festerlon will fall to ruin, to the shameful littleness that is worse than death.
     Their plan sets Prince Alphonse, the heir to the Erdanian throne, in mortal peril. To uncover the plot and save the prince will cost the efforts, devotion, and possibly even the lives of many innocent people.

     Next week, in copy-cat-ation of my friend Andrea Adams, :) I plan to post a bio of one of my characters - probably Prince Alphonse, seeing as he's so key. Then anyone who wants can ask questions about him, and I'll post an interview.


  1. I'm afraid I'm copying Victoria Howell, so I'm as bad as you. Can't wait to see the bio! And...make you you post a bio of Timandra as soon as you can. : )

  2. Very well, Andrea! I could actually post a bio of Timandra next, if you like. I don't really have a preference.


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