St. Lucy

It is such a comfort to have the saints as friends! Not only are they great intercessors on our behalf, they are also wonderful examples of how to live a holy life. One of my favorite saints is St. Lucy.

According to her story, she was a beautiful young lady promised in marriage to a rich young man. Her mother fell sick, and no one could offer her a cure. Lucy piously counselled her sick mother to seek healing through the intercession of the virgin martyr St. Agatha. Accordingly, mother and daughter went to St. Agatha's tomb to spend the night there in prayer. Through the night, Lucy had a dream in which St. Agatha appeared to her, called her "sister", and promised that she would soon join her in heaven with a martyr's crown. It was not the only miracle to occur that night; Lucy's mother was indeed cured of her malady through St. Agatha's intercession! The daughter now confided to her mother her greatest secret: she had taken a vow of virginity for the sake of Christ. Because of this, she could not marry the man who had been promised her hand. Thankful to St. Agatha for her cure, the mother accepted Lucy's resolution with an open heart.
It was not long before St. Agatha's words rang true. The suitor, furious at being refused, reported Lucy to the Roman authorities as a Christian. She was brought to trial, condemned to death, and, after many miracles, killed at the stroke of a sword. The martyr's crown promised her by St. Agatha was hers at last.
Her feast day is December 13, and she is the patroness of writers - one of the many reasons I find her so very wonderful!
Let us take the example of this innocent girl, so courageous, faith-filled, and pure, to heart, and someday, her faithful servant's crown can be our crown, too.


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  2. Saint Lucy's one of my favorite saints too. So is Saint Joan of Arc, as you know. : )


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