Ada's Bio

Alright, so today I'm going to post Ada's bio. Ada is a rather important character - as a matter of fact, she started out as my protagonist. Not sure if that's going to work anymore, as I haven't really found anything for shy quiet her to do...but she works as a nice point of view character. :)

Ada Albers
Ada Albers is fourteen years old, with a shy, quiet, gentle nature. The first years of her life were the happiest; she lived in a simple little cottage on the planet Erda under the care of two loving parents, whom she adored with all her heart. When she was seven years old, however, her parents were killed in a tragic and devastating hotel fire, the origins of which no one has ever discovered. (Ada was in the building, too, but she was rescued by a fireman. The memory of that night accounts for her horror of fire.) After this terrible event, Ada was brought to live with her rich, well-meaning, and slightly worldly Aunt Angela, her father's sister. Aunt Angela tried her best to provide a loving home for the lonely little girl, but Ada was perfectly miserable in the big empty city house. As soon as she was old enough, Ada was sent to Star of Heaven, which is in a different solar system. The busyness of school and the companionship of other children, particularly Timandra and Eldon Clemmons, worked wonders for her. Still, she never lost her timid, quiet ways, and is a pensive and rather melancholy girl. She would be content to never leave her unadventurous life; but at the end of the school year in the year 9000, the appearance of a sinister stranger and a series of mishaps and coincidences whirls her off into dangers and escapades she never would have dreamed of.
Please, go ahead and post any questions you have for Ada in the comments. :)
Oh, and by the way, in case any of you were wondering what Timandra looks like, here she is. I'm not exactly Michelangelo, :) but I finally figured out how to work the scanner. And at least this'll give you some idea of what they look like. :)


  1. What are you scared of?
    What's your favorite thing on earth?
    What's your favorite thing to do?

  2. What's your favorite color?

  3. What's your happiest memory?
    What's your favorite season?

  4. What's your favorite song?
    What's your favorite book?
    Who do you admire?


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